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High-quality video conferencing from any meeting room

Sorry webcam, this is out of your league

Power every room with audio, video, and screen sharing in minutes

Set up new meeting rooms in just minutes

Start collaborating from your meeting rooms in minutes, not days. There’s no need to cut holes in the walls or run cables in the ceiling. Just plug everything in then name and register your devices from any web browser, and you’re up and running.

Control without cables is so much better

Use your laptop, phone and tablet to wirelessly control Highfive’s video equipment. Ditch cables, remotes, and switching between multiple devices to eliminate fumble time at the beginning of every meeting. Integrated software makes it possible.

HD video and high-fidelity audio in one device

Featuring a wide-angle HD camera and a microphone array with four high-fidelity mics, our all-in-one conferencing device gives you everything you need to outfit your meeting rooms. Plus, it’s sleek design means that it fits perfectly in even your smallest huddle rooms.

Premium video in your meeting rooms

The all-new, premium conferencing device from Dolby Voice gives you stunning video quality high dynamic range (HDR) video mapping. Plus, the video intelligently fits to those in the meeting by auto-framing to where the people are in the room and adjusting as they move.

Exceptional clarity for every room

Equip every room with the Dolby Conference Phone for exceptional clarity. Integrated microphones, 360 degree audio, and Dolby Voice technology make meetings sound great every time. Plus, add unlimited dial-out ditch ditch your antiquated conference phones.

-Hannah O’Brien, Logistics Manager at Shift

"To install the devices, all I needed to do was plug the units in and place them on top of the TVs."

Hannah O’Brien, Logistics Manager at Shift

Award winning design. Modern. Beautiful. Simple.

Highfive gives you the ultimate video conferencing experience

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