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Video Conferencing Equipment

Sorry webcam, this is out of your league.

All-in-one Video Conferencing Equipment All-in-one Video Conferencing Equipment

All-in-one Video Conferencing Equipment

Highfive offers HD video conferencing equipment with high-fidelity audio and in-room screen projection, all in one sleek conferencing device that sits on top of your TV or mounts on the wall. With a built-in CPU, just plug-in power, ethernet, and HDMI, and you’re up and running. No need for a separate PC or a tablet to make it run.

Harmonious Interoperability Harmonious Interoperability

Harmonious Interoperability

The Highfive Meeting Connector empowers Highfive rooms to seamlessly join meetings hosted by other SIP-enabled video conferencing providers. Requiring no custom configuration or management and free to all Highfive customers, the Meeting Connector increases the utility of Highfive rooms as it greatly enhances intra- and inter-office collaboration.

Dolby Conference Phone Dolby Conference Phone

Next-level Audio for Video & Audio Conferencing

Equip every room with high-quality teleconference and video conferencing equipment. The Dolby Conference Phone for exceptional audio clarity. Integrated microphones, 360 degree audio, and Dolby Voice technology make meetings sound great every time. Plus, add unlimited dial-out so you can ditch those old starfish conference phones.

Premium Video Conferencing Equipment Premium Video Conferencing Equipment

Upgrade Your Experience with Premium Video Conferencing Equipment

Upgrade your teleconference and video conferencing equipment. Look your best with a premium, 4K HDR video camera built by the people at Dolby and software designed by Highfive. Focus on the important parts of the room by digitally zooming and panning the camera. Plus, zoom in on the physical whiteboard in the room, correcting for angles and lighting, so that remote attendees don’t miss out on the brainstorm session.

"Amazing Quality! Would Recommend!"

The Highfive system is awesome. It was simple to setup, we didn't have any power coming from our ethernet ports so we addressed our concern to the highfive team and they immediately helped us find the best solution. We installed the highfive system in 2 of our offices and their team was there if we needed it for each office, every step of the way.

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5/5 Stars

Video Conferencing Equipment Video Conferencing Equipment
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Video Conferencing Equipment Software Designed
With the Hardware In-mind

Video conferencing equipment is only as good as the software that runs it. That’s why we designed them together to create a seamless experience for admins and users. The deep integration between the two is part of how Highfive simplifies business collaboration.

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