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Ridiculously clear audio

Video conferencing’s crispest audio, powered by Dolby Voice®.

Virtual meetings feel like in-person ones
with stunningly clear audio powered by Dolby Voice

Meeting room audio that blows away the competition

Add the Dolby Conference Phone for full-room, 360-degree audio capture. No ceiling or satellite mics required. With a range of 20x30ft, you get the best audio, even in larger and acoustically-challenged rooms. Can your other conference phones do that?

Rich audio that gives everyone a voice

Dolby Voice offers HD wideband and super wideband audio, regardless of where you join the meeting. Plus, Dolby Voice normalizes voices so you can hear attendees far away from the device or those who speak softly. Oh yeah, did we mention industry-leading Dolby noise cancellation, too?

No more awkward “can you repeat that?” moments

Virtual brainstorming sessions flow naturally with simultaneous speaking and listening and minimal sound delays. Plus, Dolby Voice's spatial voice separation and stereo audio makes each voice sound like it’s coming from a distinct location so you can easily tell people apart.

Noise cancellation you won’t believe

Taking calls on the road doesn’t need to mean a bad experience. With Dolby Voice’s exceptional noise cancellation, background noise won’t disrupt the rest of the meeting, even at the airport or train station.

Perfect audio in every room

Every Highfive call is equipped with Dolby Voice audio. For the very best clarity in every room, you can add the Dolby Conference Phone to get unlimited dial-out, spatial audio and full-room 360-degree audio capture.
– Simon Zhang, IT Lead at Evernote - Highfive video conferencing audio solutions

“The Highfive solution is magic. By adding in Dolby, the audio is unbelievable - our team meetings are more productive and more enjoyable.”

– Simon Zhang, IT Lead at Evernote