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Video Conferencing Software Built to Drive a Connected Culture

Collaborating has never been easier with unlimited video conferencing software designed for your whole organization.

Unlimited Video Conferencing

Get unlimited concurrent meetings, unlimited video conference minutes, unlimited call recording, and unlimited screen sharing. Access all the features—inside and outside the conference room—on all your devices. No meeting limits or usage fees. Seriously.

Finally, Joining a Meeting is Easy

Easily join meetings directly in your web browser! Just click the Highfive URL and you’re in the meeting. No pin codes, passwords, or downloads needed. Plus, no more randomly generated string of numbers and letters. Highfive meeting URLs are simple and customizable which makes them easy to remember.

Bring Your Rooms and Devices to Life

Highfive’s video conferencing software wirelessly powers the meeting room hardware. Start and manage meetings directly from your laptop, phone, or tablet. Plus, you can start and control meetings with just a tap thanks to software running on the Dolby Conference Phone.

Filled With the Features You Need

Highfive gives you all the video conferencing features you need while keeping the user interface clean. Anyone in your organization can record their meetings, so they never forget the important decision made in the meeting. We know face-to-face communication is king, but sometimes you need to share a link or let Karen know she’s still muted. That’s why Highfive also includes in-meeting group chat, and you can share freely because all your text conversations are encrypted and they disappear after the meeting ends.

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One Solution Solves Multiple Problem

Simplifying the video conferencing experience starts with the software. It not only needs to be available on the go, but it has to have the features you need like group chat, call recording, screen sharing. Plus, it needs to be ready whenever you want to meet on any device without requiring pin codes or desktop software downloads.

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