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Webinar: How to get video for every room and every meeting

Speakers from Shift and Dolby Voice share their insights on video conferencing adoption

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Hear from tech leaders at Shift, Highfive and Dolby Voice

Face-to-face collaboration has the power to generate more ideas, build stronger relationships, and drive your bottom line, but with distance and flexible work arrangements making in-person meetings difficult, video is becoming a necessity, not a luxury.

However, getting your entire company to adopt video conferencing can be a challenge – solutions can be complex, difficult to use, and come with a steep learning curve for non-technical employees. But, when you find the right solution, you can drive adoption of video across your company and in every meeting room.

In our recorded webinar learn how to:
  • Avoid adoption pitfalls and mobilize your company to use video
  • Get a video solution that works for every room and every employee
  • Solve the biggest tech problem with video conferencing
  • Select the right solution for your company by prioritizing what drives adoption (vs. features no one uses)

“The Highfive solution is magic. By adding in Dolby, the audio is unbelievable- our team meetings are more productive and more enjoyable.”

– Simon Zhang, IT Lead at Evernote