7 Reasons to Zoom Out

7 Reasons to Zoom Out

When you look at the big picture of outfitting a meeting room, Zoom costs a lot to buy, install, and use. Nearly limitless third-party component options means installations are always unique and usually complex. Zoom’s software adds even more complexity, which racks up training costs and slows adoption. And to get the best experience, it requires costly upgrades and expensive add-on features.

With Highfive, everything is included in one, low monthly price per room, and it’s super simple to use. That’s why it costs tens (or hundreds!) of thousands less to go with Highfive over a Zoom Room. Let’s zoom in on the numbers.

When outfitting a meeting room for video collaboration, Highfive saves you an average of 31% in the first year because:

  • Zoom’s complex system means more time wasted trying to get meetings started.
  • Zoom’s frustrating user experience means more support calls for IT.
  • Zoom’s hardware agnostic approach means inconsistent experiences for workers.
Hardware & Software

Highfive uses just 3 cables and takes less than 15 minutes to install, even by a non-technical staff. It’s a snap!

Zoom requires professional installation, which costs and additional $2,000 for the first room and $1,500 for each additional room.

With Highfive, the cost is crystal clear.

Zoom Rooms are complex and can have components from different vendors, so IT has to be trained and consultants potentially brought in to help with deployment. Workers also have to be trained, which costs more money and interrupts their day. Zoom’s complexity also means more support and troubleshooting as workers struggle to launch and join meetings.


Highfive is so intuitive, there’s very little ongoing support required. It takes just one click to start or join a meeting, and devices automatically connect to in-room hardware.

Zoom requires workers to fuss with an iPad to launch meetings, control in-room devices, and manage participants. For some organizations, IT just pays to have Zoom manage the support.


Highfive is so easy to use, most workers require little more than a two-minute video to get started. That’s all!

Zoom requires professional training to help IT with deployment and adoption, as well as to help your workers understand how the systems and devices all work together.


Highfive lets workers start, attend, and engage in meetings with one click, from any device, with no downloads. Easy peasy!

Zoom’s confusing in-room hardware while remote participants are left to wait until the organizer begins the meeting. The result is an average of 8 minutes per meeting to get a video conference running.


Highfive was built to be easy for IT, too. We handle all of the support, maintenance, and upgrades. And, Highfive’s intuitive user interface means IT rarely gets a call. Done!

Zoom is more difficult to use, especially for non-technical folks. It’s such a concern, Zoom offers to take over the troubleshooting efforts…for a fee, of course.

Learn More About How Highfive Can Help You Reimagine Your Meeting Rooms.

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