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Audio and Video Conferencing

An all-new, premium video and audio conferencing experience from Highfive and Dolby Voice.

Dolby Voice Camera and Dolby Voice Hub Dolby Voice Camera and Dolby Voice Hub

Video Quality

Experience high quality video captured in 1080p with high dynamic range (HDR) video mapping to ensure you can make out every facial expression even with poor lighting.

Intelligent Scene Framing Intelligent Scene Framing

Intelligently Adjusts to
the Room

Using computer vision and facial recognition technology, the 4K wide-angle camera is able to automatically frame the video capture to where the people are in the room and adjust as they move. No more remote to manually pan, tilt, or zoom the camera throughout the meeting.

Dual-Screen Video Conferencing Dual-Screen Video Conferencing

Double the Screen Real Estate

With dual-screen support, you can share content on one TV while keeping video feeds from remote attendees on the second TV. In-between meetings, the TVs turn into digital displays showcasing events booked in the room, as well as a custom message you can set.

Whiteboard Collaboration Technology Whiteboard Collaboration Technology

Everyone Can See the Whiteboard

Remote attendees collaborate like they’re in the room thanks to a whiteboard view that can straighten up an angled board, automatically correcting for distortion and lighting. Plus, you’re able to quickly toggle the view back and forth between the whiteboard and the attendees in the meeting room, so that you control exactly what you want to send.

Dolby Conference Phone audio Dolby Conference Phone audio

Paired with
Crystal-clear Audio

The intelligent camera pairs with the Dolby Conference Phone for an all-around premium collaboration experience. Dynamic leveling technology and a 360 degree audio capture means that you’ll hear everyone clearly and feel like you’re all in the room together.

"Finally, We Found a Solution for Our Web Conferences!"

It just works, which is something that you'd expect from any conferencing product but it's not usually the case. Usually, you just waste the first few minutes of the meeting to fight technical issues. With Highfive it never happens. It just works as you expect it to work.

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5/5 Stars

All-in-one Conferencing Device All-in-one Conferencing Device
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Our family of meeting room hardware is designed to meet your collaboration needs no matter what room you want to enable. From your huddle rooms to your boardrooms, we’ve got you covered.

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