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A Truly Exceptional Conference Phone

Ditch your old starfish phones for a fully integrated audio device by Dolby Voice for video and audio conferencing.

Mind-blowing Clarity

You’ve never seen a conference phone like this. With a 360-degree audio capture and Dolby Voice audio technology, the Dolby Conference Phone picks up everything, even the softest speakers, in rooms as large as 20x30 feet - no ceiling or satellite mics required. Attendees on the other side of the room sound just as good as those close by with volume leveling and spatial voice separation by Dolby Voice.

Unlimited Dial-out to Domestic & International Numbers

Need to use someone else’s bridge for a meeting, or just making a quick call to order take-out for that late meeting? With the optional dial-out plan on the Dolby Conference Phone, in just a few taps, you’re connected. Plus, you get unlimited call minutes for both domestic and international calls.

Tap to Join
Video Meetings

See if the meeting room is available or if you’re about to get booted with Highfive’s in-room calendar integration right on the touchscreen of the Dolby Conference Phone. Once you’re ready to join your meeting, just tap your meeting on the list and you’re in! No need for a separate device or remote controls in the meeting room.

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