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All in One Video Conferencing

Power all your meeting rooms in minutes.

All-in-one Video Conferencing Equipment All-in-one Video Conferencing Equipment

Get High-quality
HD Video for All Your Rooms

Without spending thousands on complex video conference call equipment. A low-light sensor auto-adjusts exposure so you look your best. The wide-angle HD video conferencing camera captures the entire room with its 120-degree field of view, no zoom required.

Conferencing Microphones Conferencing Microphones

Integrated Microphone Array

Four high-fidelity microphones work together to pick up the conversation in your huddle rooms and smaller meeting rooms for the best video conference call equipment around. Noise and echo cancellation make sure that annoying background noise doesn’t interfere in your meetings.

Video Conferencing Ports Video Conferencing Ports

Hardware so Lightweight We
Call it Lightware

Your entire video conference call solution is one device and three cables—power, ethernet, and HDMI. Just plug it in, and mount it on any TV or wall. An integrated CPU means there’s no need for a dedicated PC. And, you control the meeting from your personal device, so no remotes, dedicated tablets, or keyboard/mouse combos required.

Video Conferencing Audio Video Conferencing Audio

Your Meeting
Room Audio

For an even better audio experience, pair with the Dolby Conference Phone. Dynamic leveling technology and a 360-degree audio capture means that you’ll hear everyone clearly and feel like you’re all in the room together. Plus, the touch screen on the Dolby Conference Phone allows you to start and control meetings without bringing your personal device into the room.

"Highfive, Lowfive, All the Fives!"

Compatibility with Google Calendar, Slack, and custom URL. Ease of use for any age group or user base so far. Looks amazing. The highfive device is incredible at picking up voice and video, plus the custom welcome screens!

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5/5 Stars

Premium Video Conferencing Device Premium Video Conferencing Device
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Upgrade Your Meeting Room Experience With Premium Video

Pair the Dolby Conference Phone with an all-new, premium video conferencing experience in your meeting rooms. Improve remote collaboration with technologies like 4K HDR video capture, digital PTZ, and an intelligent whiteboard view so everyone can engage in the conversation.

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