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Highfive Helps Werqwise Expand to Its Collaborative Workspaces

“Within the next five years, we’re going to hold meetings across 60 locations, with many different people from multiple teams. And what I know is, I can only do it with Highfive.”

- Richard Evans, Co-founder and CPO of Werqwise


Needed a communication tool to facilitate connected cultures across multiple companies in one space

Co-founder and CEO of Werqwise, Alan Mackay, wanted to create a workspace for their clients that had an impact on people, productivity, motivation, and in turn, the company and brand as a whole. The challenge was how to create this type of enironment for the companies and people using their workspaces.


Video conferencing that allowed people to work from wherever they wanted and easily stay connected

Werqwise wanted clients using their co-working offices to stay connected to team members across as many as 60 locations, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.


A collaborative tool users trust in shared workspaces, with usability at its forefront

With Highfive, meetings became as simple as a click of a button. The fast and intuitive set-up meant that everyone, regardless of familiarity with the product, could hop on a call with a single click. The integration of Dolby Voice technology has also increased call engagement through its clarity and reliability, providing seamless, natural communication.


Co-workspace Provider


San Francisco




Video conferencing; Connecting distributed workforces; Dolby Conference Phone


A company wanting to connect people across the country, in many different offices

Werqwise’s mission is to create flexible business co-working and private office spaces to help remote workers stay engaged, productive and motivated. Co-founder and CEO Alan Mackay wanted the people using the workspaces to be fully connected to their brand, no matter where the other members of their team were located. Co-founder and CPO Richard Evans also wondered how workers in geographically different locations would be able to stay connected and continue being successful.

“Connectivity is a challenge in any business where you have multiple locations,” said Evans. ”How do you make them feel a part of something when you’re not in the same town? How do you remain connected and accessible?”

Werqwise is on track to expand to 60 locations across the country, and an environment that makes collaboration simple is crucial to the success of the companies using their spaces. Mackay was looking for a communications system to install across all Werqwise’s locations that was affordable, but most of all, user-friendly.

“The biggest element of this is usability. It’s all about usability,” Mackay explained. “As soon as it becomes slightly difficult for people to use, they don’t bother.”

With these two factors in mind, Werqwise decided to implement Highfive as their main conferencing tool.


A collaborative tool that is easy to use, clear, and reliable

Werqwise fell in love with Highfive’s reliable, functional software and robust set of collaboration features. It offered everything they needed and made the process of joining a video call or sharing a screen as simple as clicking a button.

“For anyone who hasn't used Highfive before, we don’t have to walk them through it at all. And that’s the best part: it’s easy to use and everyone can use it whether you’re experienced in it or not,” said Evans.

Mackay and Evans were thrilled with the Dolby Voice audio system, and noted how much it positively contributed to the overall user experience, as well as their own interactions. The exceptional quality of the audio makes something like a client call incredibly clear and easy. Evans said, “Because of the exceptional experience, the engagement is stronger. It literally feels like everyone is in the same room.”

The communication comes across much more naturally on both ends. Even the people on the other end ask what type of conferencing system they’re using, which Evans said has never happened before.


An office environment that enables growth for companies and their brand

With Highfive, Werqwise is providing accessible, easy-to-use conferencing to all their office space clients, which is essential to these young companies’ long-term growth. With Highfive Premium, Werqwise provided its shared space users with an intelligent camera that can zoom in on those who are speaking, as well as enhance writing on whiteboards to make it visible to all meeting participants. Crystal clear audio and true, 4k High Dynamic Range (HDR) video has drastically changed Werqwise’s meetings moving forward, improving the standard of efficiency and engagement for all of the businesses who take advantage of their workspaces.

“We offer our customers the freedom to work from wherever they want to, and Highfive allows us to take that to the next level,” said Mackay. “Highfive is a crucial tool, enabling the companies that use our work spaces and us, to engage, collaborate and grow together.”

Highfive allows Werqwise to keep their promise of reliable, intuitive collaboration and communication for clients, providing a great workspace experience. As Werqwise grows and scales their business to more locations across the country, they know that the companies using their workspaces will always have the best conferencing solution at their fingertips. With Highfive, Werqwise customers can keep their employees productive, motivated — and most importantly — engaged with the other members of their companies that are dispersed across the country. And perhaps soon, the world.