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Trunk Platform Finds Constant Connection With Highfive Video Conferencing

“Without effective video conferencing through Highfive, a lot of what we’re doing now wouldn’t be possible... our organization as a whole would be much more siloed. This constant connection is invaluable,”

- Justin Watts, Director of Marketing at Trunk Platform


A workforce divided in two

After having started as a three-person company based in Melbourne, Australia, Trunk Platform’s growth and expansion to two different offices left them seeking a way to replicate face-to-face communication for employees separated by geographical distance.


Highfive video conferencing

Highfive’s simple and seamless video conferencing made it a snap for team members in both offices to check in at a moment’s notice, hold daily meetings and keep in touch while working abroad.


Improved collaboration, cost savings and time savings

With an easy way to communicate across offices, Trunk Platform was able to work better together, save money and up their efficiency.




Melbourne, Australia


Sydney, Australia




Video conferencing, distributed workforce, daily meetings, always-on portal


Two Offices In Search of an In-Person Connection

“As a software company, we know how important it is to be on the cutting edge of technology. So when other video conferencing tools weren’t doing the trick, we were excited to find Highfive. And it wasn’t long before we chose it as our preferred video communication platform,” Justin Watts, Director of Marketing at Trunk Platform, said.

Combining elements of Slack, Evernote, Doodle, Wunderlist and other ‘feature’-based products with bespoke, industry-specific functionality, Trunk Platform can provide a dedicated and cohesive platform for any industry. And with their product dedicated to improving communication efforts for others, the importance of communicating amongst themselves is not lost on the Trunk Platform team.

When Trunk Platform first started with a three member crew in Melbourne, Australia, conversations could simply be had face-to-face — but once they had 20 employees split between two offices and clients in the United States, they needed a new way to enable discussion. After disappointing experiences with Skype and Google Chrome, the Trunk Platform folks started searching for a different, more agile solution.


Continuous Connection Through Highfive Video Conferencing

“From the start, the quality of image and sound, the simplicity of use, and how the software and hardware all gelled together was phenomenal,” Watts said. “With other video conferencing platforms, you feel a distance — you talk, stop, wait for the lag to catch up, and then let the other person have their turn. But with Highfive, we can easily go back and forth and fall into a natural rhythm,” Watts said.

From the moment of installation, Watts and his team had a positive experience with Highfive.

“Setting up Highfive was easy. We downloaded it once and that was it — it was pretty straightforward. We didn’t even need any formal training,” Watts shared.

Once Highfive was up and running, the software development team began testing it out. Since they organized around a framework of agile development, which relies heavily on collaboration and peer programming, clear and constant communication across offices was especially key. To facilitate this, Trunk Platform set up a TV in both offices that is connected to Highfive anywhere from about 25-35 hours a week so team members can get in contact with one another at a moment’s notice throughout the day.

Highfive was such a success among the developers that it spread to the rest of the company. Teams used Highfive to hold daily meetings between offices, and employees working from remote locations or overseas on business were also able to easily check in.

“Nothing can beat an in-person conversation, but with Highfive, you’re 95% of the way there. For the most part, we can get things done just as effectively,” Watts said.


A Close, Efficient, Cost-Effective Team, Regardless of Location

"With Polycom, you’re paying about 10 grand for ancient audio conferencing that’s not as good as what Highfive has to offer," Watts said. “We’ve even been able to save on travel costs. It wouldn’t be feasible for us to fly employees back and forth every single time they need to talk in person. And when travelling is unavoidable, Highfive allows people to be overseas for periods of times and still contribute to our business.”

With Highfive, Trunk Platform has been able to connect their two offices in a way they previously didn’t think possible.

“Highfive has become such a natural extension of our culture. With a constant portal between our locations, we’re so much more likely to tell jokes or have casual watercooler conversations, which helps you feel closer to one another and work together better,” Watts said.

This effortless communication also led to significant time savings.

“Little things like not having lag and allowing both parties to speak at the same time add up and help us save a significant amount of time. It encourages us to have shorter, more efficient meetings, whether people are on their mobiles, laptops or in a conference room.”

And just as important, Trunk Platform was able to save money by choosing Highfive over other options.

All in all, Trunk Platform credits Highfive with helping to enable their current success.

“Without effective video conferencing through Highfive, a lot of what we’re doing now wouldn’t be possible. We wouldn’t be able to have two different development teams working on their own projects, and our organization as a whole would be much more siloed. This constant connection is invaluable,” Watts concluded.