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Scopely and Their Partners Open Global Communication Portal With Highfive Professional

“For the same price as we were paying to cover 10 users with our last service, we’ve been able to provide access to all 200 of our employees and our partners.”

- Miguel Espinosa, IT Manager at Scopely


Maintaining a connection across borders

With Scopely’s mobile gaming producers based out of Los Angeles and their game development partners located around the world, they struggled to maintain the connection needed to produce their best work.


Highfive Professional with audio powered by Dolby Voice

Highfive’s Professional bundle includes ultra-simple cloud conferencing software, the Highfive device for in-room video, and a tabletop audio device from Dolby for exceptional audio. High quality video and audio allowed a clear channel of communication between Scopely’s employees and partners, no matter the location.


Cost savings, improved working relationships, scalability

Not only was Scopely able to save money with Highfive compared to their previous system — they formed closer, more collaborative relationships and set themselves up for successful growth in the future.


Mobile Gaming


Los Angeles, California (Partners located worldwide)




Connecting distributed workforces, Video conferencing, audio device from Dolby


Working Closely, at a Distance

"Right away, we noticed what a great job Highfive’s UX team had done with the design,” Espinosa said. “With other devices, you look at them and want to run away. But Highfive is welcoming as soon as you open it up. It makes you want to immediately engage with it."

In the five years that they’ve been in business, mobile game publisher Scopely has already released a number of top games. Behind these games are not only Scopely’s game producers, but also talented partner developers the world over. With so many partners so far away, though, communication hasn’t always been easy. Scopely knew that if they were to continue bringing consumers the best in mobile gaming, they’d have to create an open channel of communication between meeting rooms around the world.

“We have partners in Romania, Brazil and the UK, among others,” said Scopely IT Manager Miguel Espinosa. “To create a welcoming environment, it was important for them to be able to hear our voices and see our faces. We’re always trying to remove the distance between us.”

But previous video conferencing solutions had come up short.

“We wanted the same exact solution in every meeting room regardless of location, but we had a hard time finding one that everyone was comfortable with,” Espinosa said. “We needed something that wasn’t just a hodgepodge of equipment and could be easily set up at partner sites.”

When they came across Highfive, however, Espinosa and his team knew that they had found something special.


Conference Room Connection With Highfive Professional

“Our main conference room is irregularly shaped and has glass walls, so we’ve had audio problems in the past,” Espinosa said. “But the Dolby Voice audio has helped us overcome a lot of that — it’s had a hugely positive impact on the quality of the experience.”

Soon after, Scopely invested in multiple Highfive devices for both their office and for their partners abroad. After a quick how-to session with their Highfive Customer Success Manager, the teams were up and running on their own.

“The setup is really easy, which was important since our international partners don’t have IT teams to help them deploy technology. Even so, they were able to get started with Highfive right away,” Espinosa shared. “The goal from day one was to find a simple solution for our partners, and we found that with Highfive. We’ve already deployed at least five devices internationally in addition to the handful we have in our own offices.”

Unlike with previous conferencing solutions, the whole team was very eager to use Highfive. Some even went out of their way to compliment Espinosa on the new system. Producers and partners can now meet whenever they need to, creating a unified meeting room experience that allows them to seamlessly walk through projects and work through problems.

After their success with Highfive’s Standard offering, Scopely decided to upgrade to Highfive Professional, complete with an increased number of endpoints and the audio device from Dolby for unparalleled sound quality.

Scopely is now able to facilitate meetings with more people than ever.

“We usually have about 25-30 people that need to be in the room for our quarterly business reviews, but we don’t have a conference room of that size. Before, we’d just rotate people in and out, but with Highfive, everyone can connect,” Espinosa said.


A Promising Future

“We’ve already outfitted all of our largest meeting rooms, but everything is running so smoothly that we’ve decided to order devices for the rest of the rooms as well," Espinosa said.

Since choosing Highfive, Scopely has experienced a number of benefits, not the least of which is savings.

“We’ve already outfitted all of our largest meeting rooms, but everything is running so smoothly that we’ve decided to order devices for the rest of the rooms as well.”

And the increased communication Highfive offers has helped Scopely improve their working relationships.

“As soon as we initiate a partnership with a different studio now, producers almost immediately request a Highfive device to send to them. It’s really positively impacted our business relationships,” Espinosa said.

In the future, Espinosa anticipates that Highfive will play a part in helping the company grow.

“Additional office space is on the horizon, and Highfive makes planning for that much easier. It’s an automatic relief because I know Highfive will be there to help us,” Espinosa said.