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Rue La La Makes Long Distance Work with Highfive Video Conferencing

“Instead of having to create a meeting, dial in and fumble with cords, anybody who wants to can join a call right away in a few clicks... it’s just a better way of doing meetings.”

- Todd Rubel, Director of Technology Systems at Rue La La


Maintaining a culture of collaboration across offices

Knowing that a cross-functional organization is key to business performance, Rue La La needed a way to ensure that the teams spread across their three offices could collaborate with one another as easily as they could if they were all in the same building.


A high quality video conferencing solution simple enough for everyday use

After an easy set-up and minimal training, Rue La La employees were off and running with Highfive, using it for everything from daily scrums to job interviews.


More engaging meetings, greater time savings and boosted productivity

With the ability to interact face-to-face in real time, team members increased the efficacy of their long-distance meetings and shaved time off for maximum productivity.




Boston, Massachusetts (3 locations worldwide)




Video conferencing, Screen sharing, Interviews


Staying in Sync Across State Lines

“Before Highfive, we tried everything: WebEx, UberConference,, etc‎. None of them worked for our specific needs," Rubel said.

After gaining acclaim for enabling shoppers to score premium brands at a fraction of the price through their exclusive limited time offers, Rue La La has taken the concept of the flash sale mainstream — and transformed the modern shopping experience while they’re at it. At the helm of this fashion revolution are 600 employees spread between three different offices: Boston, the corporate headquarters; New York, home base for the merchandising team; and Kentucky, the hub for distribution and photography.

Despite their different functions, all of the offices at Rue La La work closely together in order to drive business performance as a whole, so successful collaboration among employees is key. And with the inherently visual nature of the fashion industry, face-to-face interaction is often the best way to achieve that. But with offices spread so far apart, keeping team members in touch with one another proved difficult — and a series of lackluster communication tools was no help.

“Before Highfive, we tried everything: WebEx, UberConference,, etc‎. None of them worked for our specific needs.” said Todd Rubel, Director of Technology Systems at Rue La La.

Rue La La knew something had to give if they were going to continue down the path of collaborative success. Luckily, after looking into Highfive, Rubel and his team found the answer.


Connecting Instantly and Meaningfully with Highfive Video Conferencing

“We have Highfive in about 25 conference rooms across our three offices, and we use them all the time — especially for team meetings. Our engineering team has developers offshore, and they have stand-ups daily. Another one of our teams is split between New York and Boston, and they use it throughout the day to check in with each other. Whether people want to chat through video or share their screen, everything just moves a lot quicker with Highfive,” Rubel said.

To roll out Highfive to all of the different Rue La La offices, Rubel set out on a three-stop road tour, along with Casey, his Highfive Customer Success Manager. In contrast to the previous conferencing systems they had tried, Rubel and his team found implementing Highfive to be a snap.

“Setting up Highfive and then getting everyone up to speed was very simple, especially with the great support I had from Casey. After consulting with him, my team and I just stopped at the different locations, plugged in the devices and held several brief training sessions. That was it,” Rubel said.

And it wasn’t long until employee adoption of Highfive took off — Rue La La employees now rack up about 190 hours a week communicating across offices.

Beyond using Highfive internally, the Rue La La team has also been using Highfive to interview candidates for job openings.

“Using Highfive in interviews helps us get to know what someone is really like. For example, I like to make occasional jokes to see cultural fit. With Highfive, the candidate can see my body language and I can see theirs. You don’t get that with a phone call or voice conferencing,” Rubel shared.


Improved Performance Through Engaging, Efficient and Effective Meetings

“In the fashion industry, everything is done in person — that’s just what works best. And Highfive has been the next-best thing for us. Being able to pick up on those subtle visual cues really helps us communicate effectively," said Rubel.

Since using Highfive, collaborative success at Rue La La has reached an all-time high. Each week, about a quarter of Rue La La’s entire workforce logs onto Highfive to video chat or share their screens with their colleagues. Crucial to that achievement has been the engaging, in-person feeling that seamless video conferencing offers.

“If I’m talking to someone and their eyes start to glaze over, I can tell and then change my approach. Highfive gives us an instant feedback loop that we haven’t found anywhere else,” said Rubel.

All of this has resulted in a better meeting experience for team members, time savings and increased productivity.

“Instead of having to create a meeting, dial in and fumble with cords, anybody who wants to can join a call right away in a few clicks without needing IT, which has made life easier for everyone. With the speed of communication that Highfive offers, it’s just a better way of doing meetings,” said Rubel.