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Mimeo Uses Highfive Professional and Dolby Voice as Bridge to Connect Global Culture

“It’s ultimately about the people and the way you work together, but if you have tech like Highfive with Dolby Voice that enable you to foster that type of collaborative environment, it’s very impactful in the way you run your business.”

-Doug Bohaboy, Vice President of Marketing at Mimeo

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A disconnected office network

With offices around the globe, printing service company Mimeo needed a way to bring employees together to make collaborative work a breeze no matter their location.


Highfive Professional with Dolby Voice

After outfitting Highfive devices in all of their conference rooms and multiple executive offices, Mimeo was able to enjoy seamless video conferencing that could be activated at a moment’s notice. After their initial success with Highfive, they took it to the next level by adding the audio devices from Dolby for flawless sound quality.


Improved collaboration, increased efficiency and cost savings

Highfive’s real-time video communication platform helped Mimeo employees engage and connect with each other on a deeper level, allowing them to do their best work possible, while glitch-free technology and the ability to eschew in-person meetings for Highfive conferences helped the organization save time and money.




New York, NY (8 locations worldwide)




Connecting distributed workforces, Video conferencing, Screen sharing


United States (Memphis, Newark, New York, Seattle), Germany, United Kingdom, India, China, Remote Employees


Difficulty Growing Cross-Office Collaboration

“When you work globally, there are cultural differences, accent, and nuances that are hard to pick up through your average phone. But Highfive with Dolby Voice really solved all of those challenges,” said Doug Bohaboy, Vice President of Marketing at Mimeo.

Though much of our content lives in a digital format, there’s still massive desire for print today, especially in business. But now, it’s print in a world of instant gratification – and the team at Mimeo has made producing those key company materials simple and extremely efficient for nearly 20 years. And with more than 6,000 corporate customers worldwide, that’s no small feat. Fortunately, Mimeo’s 800+ talented employees, spread between five international offices around the globe, are up to the task.

But planning for their new office headquarters prompted Mimeo to rethink not only what their space should look like, but also how people should interact within it. They realized they needed a way to connect everyone with a unified culture — including their international offices — to ensure that their team workflows were on par with their business efficiency and success. With that goal in mind, Mimeo began looking for a communication platform that could solve their woes.

Mimeo’s IT team needed an easy-to-use solution that would allow their teams to both share content and build relationships with their international counterparts. But when phones, bridge lines, Google Hangouts, GoTo Meeting and all fell flat, they turned to Highfive. As they were testing and rolling out video conferencing, they realized audio quality was crucial, and decided to take their solution to the next level with Highfive Premium and Dolby Voice.


Building Relationships Through Face-to-Face Video Communication with Premium Audio

“Putting Highfive in the conference room makes it easier to have a team experience – you’re at the same table, working through things. It allows us to quickly start a meeting, switch presenters without the hassle of changing the call leader and easily pop in and out of syncs thanks to a unique link that we include in our invites,” said Bohaboy.

After deciding to partner with Highfive, Mimeo installed devices in each of their conference rooms and several executives’ offices, quickly connecting employees around the globe.

“There was a need to have meetings in the same way across countries and offices. We wanted to feel like everyone was in the same room, that we’re all on the same team, no matter where you are,” Bohaboy said.

The majority of Mimeo meetings now use Highfive for video conferencing and screen sharing, both for in-person meetings and conversations with remote employees. This allows them to keep each team member accountable for their own work and better in sync with everyone they work with, no matter where they’re based out of. This instant connectivity has been especially beneficial for the impromptu team syncs and timely material reviews that go on at Mimeo.

After their initial success with Highfive, Mimeo decided to expand their offerings further to include premium sound quality with Dolby audio devices. Immediately, there was a “dramatic difference,” according to Bohaboy.

“The quality of the interaction with Highfive and now Dolby is fantastic,” said Nicole Parent Haughey, COO at Mimeo. “You’re able to hear all the nuances, you can actually visualize where people are in the room, and being able to get rid of that background noise has been hugely helpful.”

This was especially valuable when it came to interacting with remote workers.

“Previously, you had to make an extra effort to get remote workers included in meetings. But now, their ability to contribute has dramatically improved, and they feel more like a part of the team,” Bohaboy said. “With Highfive and Dolby Voice, it’s not just silence on the phone. You can interact and see faces – there’s higher engagement. You build a rapport. Because when you can clearly see and hear people, it creates a relationship.”


An Efficient, Cost-Effective and Tight-Knit Company

“Before Highfive, the amount of support we could give to other locations was limited. Now, there’s a sense of the larger team and we’re able to help them be more successful," said Bohaboy

Mimeo recognizes Highfive with Dolby Voice as a solution that has “actually transformed the way we operate,” according to Parent Haughey. Part of that includes the time savings they’ve been able to see from both the simple setup and the ease of communication. Shawn Winters, IT Director at Mimeo, estimates that “the time savings for me and my team is hundreds of man hours.” The cost savings have also been significant.

“The Highfive solution is based on rooms, which is unique,” said Bohaboy. “Other solutions are user based and the costs just go astronomical.”

And of course, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the team has been transformative as well.

“The ROI for us means we can travel less and still feel like we have relationships everywhere,” said Bohaboy. “There were multiple people I’d worked with for years and never really knew. I was talking to our services team in Memphis, for example – I’d probably worked with half of them for six to seven years at least – and using Highfive was the first time I’d had face-to-face interactions with them. The fact that you can clearly see and hear them makes it more tangible.”

In turn, these improved interactions have led to a closer company culture and an increase in high-quality work being done at Mimeo.

“Video gives you visual cues and encourages more people to participate versus a conference call. And when you have a real audio solution to go along with the video, you can really talk as if you’re in the same room, which takes the impact of the meetings to a different level. That just brings a more collaborative culture across the company,” said Bohaboy. “It’s ultimately about the people and the way you work together, but if you have tech like Highfive with Dolby Voice that enable you to foster that type of collaborative environment, it’s very impactful in the way you run your business.”