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Managed by Q Has Internal Communications Fully Managed with Highfive

“I would argue that Highfive is a more intelligent video conferencing platform than anything on the market. It’s just so simple: Send a URL and connect right away!”

- Helena Chestnut, Senior IT Manager


A slew of IT issues with existing conferencing systems

As an office management platform that helps workplaces run efficiently, Managed by Q has always understood the importance of a strong office-wide internal communication system. So when their own employees were having tech issues with Google Hangouts and the existing systems in place, the Q IT team realized they needed to invest in a reliable, user-friendly conferencing solution.


A hands-off conferencing solution that manages itself

Q wanted a consolidated system that didn’t need to be managed by their two-person IT team. Highfive was the first conferencing company Q looked into, and after talking to a customer representative, they were sold.


A high quality solution that Q’s IT team never has to worry about

Q went from 0 to 100 with Highfive, and now even their tech-challenged employees enjoy video conferencing. Though they initially purchased Highfive to connect their four offices, they’re now also using the solution for client communications as well as recruiting.


Office Services


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Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland




Video conferencing; Connecting distributed workforces


For Q, Google Hangouts was just a hang-up

“I kept thinking to myself that there had to be a better way,” says Helena Chestnut, Senior IT Manager at Managed by Q.

Managed by Q is a tech platform for office management, connecting workplaces to services they need to run their physical space and invest in their employees. With offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Q understood the importance of a high-functioning internal communication system. They needed a seamless way to connect their employees across the country.

“Everyone was using Google Hangouts because it was readily available,” remembers Q’s Senior IT Manager, Helena Chestnut. “We thought it would be convenient because it’s embedded in G-suite, but it came with a lot of audio and quality issues. Calls would freeze mid-way or just drop off. Sometimes people couldn’t even join videos with multiple callers. It wasn’t a long-term solution.”

“People constantly needed help when calls would malfunction. There were just too many individual issues for a two-person IT team to handle,” reiterates Ken Thompson, Q’s IT analyst and Helena’s partner-in-crime.

Q turned to Chromebox for Meetings, but discovered even more pain points. “You had to be on a specific domain and it didn’t allow for a dial-in option,” says Chestnut. “I kept thinking to myself that there had to be a better way.”


A hands-off system that the IT team doesn’t have to worry about

“Highfive checks all of our boxes and has taken Q’s communications from 0 to 100 real quick. It’s easy to train people on how to use it," Chestnut says.

Highfive was the first video conferencing solution that Helena and Ken looked into. They wanted a system that consolidated technology as much as possible, and didn’t want to deal with hardware that constantly needed upkeep and maintenance.

“The less people come to us with tech questions, the better,” says Chestnut. “We’ve done our jobs well when the technology just works on its own and there are no bugs.”

They had the same mentality when it came to deployment. “We wanted something we could quickly set up. It took only a few hours to get seven devices up and running,” remembers Thompson.

“We made a how-to manual with some screenshots, just in case people ran into problems,” says Chestnut. “I think people looked at that document once and were like, ‘So I just click the button?’”

Highfive has made Chesnut and Thompson’s jobs significantly easier and saved valuable time. “Highfive checks all of our boxes and has taken Q’s communications from 0 to 100 real quick. It’s easy to train people on how to use it. We’re always looking forward to the latest iteration of the software to see what Highfive comes up with,” says Chestnut.


A more independent workforce that doesn’t need to ask IT for video help

"Less IT resources are being utilized due to the simplicity of Highfive,” Chestnut says.

Since switching the office from Google Hangouts to Highfive, Chestnut and Thompson have noticed that employees are more engaged with their colleagues and with the work they do on a daily basis.

“It’s nice because Helena and I don’t need to spend time on lengthy video conference trainings and the employees like that too. It really does help optimize their workflow,” says Thompson.

“I would argue that Highfive is a more intelligent platform than any other video conferencing system on the market,” adds Chestnut. “It’s just so simple: Send a URL. Connect right away!”

She also notes that she feels relief and comfort knowing that Q employees have a reliable solution. “Less IT resources are being utilized due to the simplicity of Highfive,” she says.