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See What Highfive Customers Have to Say

Our customers say Highfive makes their meetings more enjoyable and helps attendees feel more engaged and connected. Review their case studies to find out what else they had to say about why they choose Highfive and how their experience has been.

Highfive worked so well at the corporate level that we wanted to actively explore more ways to introduce the service.

- Glenn Rogers, CIO

With Highfive, our work environment had transformed: we’re now working in powerful and productive ways, while also putting an emphasis on creativity and collaboration.

- Naved Peshimam, Senior IT Analyst

It’s not just silence on the phone – Highfive makes you feel like you’re all in the same room… It achieves a higher level of engagement, and as a result we’re able to build better relationships at work.

- Doug Bohaboy, VP of Marketing

I would argue that Highfive is a more intelligent video conferencing platform than anything on the market. It’s just so simple: Send a URL and connect right away!

- Helena Chestnut, Senior IT Manager

With Highfive, we were able to virtually eliminate user error. Our executive team was so passionate about it that they started to decline any meeting invite that didn’t have a Highfive link.

- Hannah O’Brien, Logistics Manager

For the same price as we were paying to cover 10 users with our last service, we’ve been able to provide access to all 200 of our employees and our partners.

- Miguel Espinosa, IT Manager

Walk by any of our conference rooms, and in the majority of them someone’s using Highfive to present to people in the room or to talk with team members remotely.

- Matthew Anderson, IT Associate

Each device delivers HD video and high-fidelity audio. Installation is easy and straightforward. The interface is intuitive. There are no extra cables or wires.

- Matt McNamara, Director of Engineering

Instead of having to create a meeting, dial in and fumble with cords, anybody who wants to can join a call right away in a few clicks… it’s just a better way of doing meetings.

- Todd Rubel, Director of Technology Systems

Just used our @HighfiveHQ units for our company meeting @SmarterHQ – worked perfectly. Well done on this product!


Each device delivers HD video and high-fidelity audio. Installation is easy and straightforward. The interface is intuitive. There are no extra cables or wires.

Matt Villano

A high-definition system for conference rooms that’s much cheaper—and much easier to use—than gear from the Ciscos and the Polycoms.

Cade Metz

We no longer use landlines for our company… They’re outdated, and if you’re going to have a conversation, it needs to be face-to-face.

- Dana Gould, Project Manager

Since using Highfive, we’ve really been able to bridge the cultural gap between our two offices, and that’s not something we’ve seen with any of the other software that we’ve been using.

- Aaron VanderGalien, Senior Partner

[Before Highfive], we were using software-only solutions that had an unpolished and amateur feel. We wanted a dedicated, professional tool that we could build upon instead of a utility we had to work around, and Highfive delivered that.

- Jeremiah Renfro, Managing Director of Core Systems

Highfive plays an essential role in reducing travel time when it comes to meeting with customers and the press. We’re able to get face time and have meaningful conversations without having to step foot on a plane.

- Mark Douglas, CEO

Everything has been amazing with Highfive. When you can send somebody a link, click on it, and instantly be connected to them without having to involve IT, choosing Highfive is a no-brainer.

- Matthew Roosa, Systems and Network Administrator

We now have a virtual window into other offices. We can put Highfive devices in a cafeteria for a lunch meeting – or people can go get a cup of coffee together, even if they’re on opposite sides of the world.

- David Carver, Global MyDesk Manage

Because of Highfive, we’ve switched to a culture of face-to-face meetings… We’re even teaching people on the other side of the world how to use new products.

- Lee Rocklage, Director of Desktop & Network Services

Without effective video conferencing through Highfive, a lot of what we’re doing now wouldn’t be possible… our organization as a whole would be much more siloed. This constant connection is invaluable.

- Justin Watts, Director of Marketing

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