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A truly exceptional conference phone

Ditch your old phones for all-in-one
video and audio conferencing

It’s time to level up your conference phones.
There’s a better way to make calls from your rooms

Mind-blowing clarity

You’ve never seen a conference phone like this. The Dolby Conference Phone equips rooms as large as 20x30ft - no ceiling or satellite mics required. Attendees on the other side of the room sound just as good as those close by with volume leveling and spatial voice separation by Dolby Voice.

Unlimited dial out to domestic and international numbers

Need to use someone else’s bridge for a meeting, or just making a quick call to order take-out for that late meeting? With Highfive, in just a few taps, you’re connected. Plus, you get unlimited call minutes for both domestic and international calls.

Join any Highfive meeting by dialing in

Need a dial-in number to join? No problem. We’ll give you a phone number to dial into any Highfive meeting. With Highfive, you get unlimited dial-in numbers and minutes, or you can have the meeting call you wherever you are.

Integrated with Highfive video conferencing

The Dolby Conference Phone integrates seamlessly with Highfive’s video conferencing hardware and software. It sets up in minutes. You get exceptional audio for your in-room video calls and crystal clear phone calls, too.

– Hannah O'Brien, Logistics Manager at Shift - Highfive video conferencing audio solutions

“The enhanced sound from Dolby Voice blew us away... Plus, the team also really liked having a tabletop device since it's something they were familiar with.”

– Hannah O’Brien, Logistics Manager at Shift