Win a $10,000 Meeting Room Makeover and Transform the Way You Work

Highfive is all about meetings reinvented. Why? Because we know you’re tired of the complex web meeting software, the confusing meeting room hardware, and the jittery video and dropped audio of your typical conference calling systems.

That’s why we’re giving away a $10,000 meeting room makeover to one lucky team! Enter here to win.

You see, before we started Highfive, we were there. We used to struggle with bloated software, last-minute downloads, constant calls of “who’s that talking” or “can you repeat that” from conference call attendees. We watched as the video froze, stuttered, or just didn’t work. And we’ve thrown up our hands in frustration and said “I’ll just call you on your cell” too many times to count.

That’s why we started Highfive. And that’s why we’re giving away this amazing meeting room makeover.

This is your chance to take your favorite meeting room and throw away (or donate) that tired, old, confusing mess of cables, remotes, brands, and hardware and replace it with something modern, clean, and easy to use. It’s your chance to eliminate the pain of fighting with your conferencing system for the first 10 minutes of every meeting. It’s your chance to free up IT to focus on more important things. It’s your chance to focus on getting work done, not setting up conference calls.

One lucky winner will receive a year of Highfive Premium to transform one meeting room, which includes a 4K video camera, a Dolby Conference Phone, two (yes, TWO) 65” Samsung 4K monitors, a magnetic glass whiteboard, and free installation and setup! Plus, they’ll get 50 user licenses so their whole team–and more–can bask in the glow of crystal clear, HD video meetings with crisp, clear, high-fidelity audio.

So take a chance and enter today.  It takes just a few minutes to enter, and remember to snap a quick pic of your current meeting room.

Good luck!