We’ve Reimagined Meetings So You Can Get to Work

Your customers and co-workers are as likely to be across the street as across a continent. However, there’s always the option for a video conference, right?

You just walk into the nearest meeting room, fumble through the remote controls and devices as you try to power on and connect to the in-room monitor. Then, you get your meeting software started and wait…and wait…and wait for others to join. You can’t hear Molly, so after some pantomime and waving hands, she has to disconnect and then reconnect. Dylan’s texting you because he has the wrong PIN code. Zack is working from a coffee shop, where the background noise is distracting everyone. And Pat can’t seem to figure out how to “pass the ball” so Ben can share his spreadsheet on-screen with everyone.

All of a sudden it’s 15 minutes past the hour and you have yet to get to work. There has to be a better way to collaborate, right?

Now imagine a workplace where meetings were, well, about getting more work done. Where meetings started on time, and where everyone’s voice was heard, and everyone had a seat at the table.

Highfive did imagine this modern workplace nirvana. It inspired us to reimagine meetings, intelligent rooms, and how IT and workers can use video to get more done. The result is award-winning, in-room video conferencing solutions that work for your teams so they can simply work without fighting with hardware, struggling with software, or not meeting at all.

Your workers, customers, and partners are everywhere, but they still need to work together. Putting them all in the same room is rarely easy or cost effective. At best, they’re stuck using old, complex conferencing systems that waste time and sap productivity. At worst, they fall back to email or phone calls that lose important cues from body language, tone, and simple face-to-face interaction.

Highfive gives your teams an exceptional, flawless in-room video conferencing experience, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. It’s bundled in our unique Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model that puts crisp, clear, high-fidelity audio technology from Dolby Voice® together with amazing 4K video for the in-room hardware. Then, it’s all tied together with easy-to-use software. For each intelligent meeting room, it offers great quality and can be setup in just minutes with only three cables: Ethernet, HDMI, and power.

The included Dolby Conference Phone has an integrated touch display, so teams can start and end meetings or add new web participants and landline callers right from the phone. Highfive’s advanced video software enables intelligent scene framing to automatically zoom in on speakers in large rooms, adjust for changing lighting conditions, or autocorrect for whiteboard distortion for easy reading.

Leveraging WebRTC, Highfive’s browser-based meeting software is simple, intuitive, and seamless. There are no downloads, no PINs or passwords, no dongles, and meetings start with just a single click. It even integrates with your favorite workflows and external apps like Slack, G Suite, Outlook, and other office productivity tools.

It’s so simple because the power of open-source WebRTC technology allowed us to redefine how cloud-based audio and video communication solutions are built and deployed. It lets users join a meeting from any browser, any location, and any device they want. Participants simply tap a link and get to work.

And since Highfive’s software and hardware are all designed to work together, devices connect automatically to the video monitors of the room they’re in. It even seamlessly switches back to a worker’s device or to a different monitor if workers move to another meeting room.

Highfive is not just the only solution that bundles everything you need from a single vendor, we’ve even reimagined our pricing so you pay by the meeting room. There are no additional charges for hardware. There are also no big capital expenditures, even if you’re upgrading dozens of rooms. Everything is included—everything—in one, budget-friendly monthly per-room price.

With Highfive, your meetings will never be the same. Every participant gets a “like you’re there” flawless experience, where meetings start on time and so does the work.

Welcome to meetings reimagined.

By Chris Heinemann
Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing