We’ve Reimagined Meetings, and Now We’ve Redefined How They’re Delivered

More than 80% of organizations are unhappy with their video collaboration solutions, so chances are you aren’t so thrilled with yours. The big challenge is in how those solutions are offered: an ad hoc assembly of hardware and software from different vendors. Nothing was designed to work together, so it’s hard to setup and frustrating for workers to use. You have to pay for it upfront with a large capital expenditure, so it’s expensive to buy. It’s also costly for IT to maintain, support, and scale because of interoperability challenges, complexity for users, and differences.

Redefining Haas: How To Simplify Collaboration With A Bundled Solution

You can solve all of those challenges. It’s called hardware-as-a-service (HaaS), and it bundles together everything you need—hardware, software, user licenses, maintenance, and support—for one low monthly fee per room. You get collaboration software that’s simple to use, video and audio hardware that’s matched perfectly to the software, and effortless deployment and management for IT.

Click here to download our new white paper: “Redefining Haas: How To Simplify Collaboration With A Bundled Solution“.

Just as software has moved into the cloud and is delivered as a service, the same delivery model is now being used for hardware. Machinery and heavy equipment can be acquired “as a service”, as can computing power, storage, and even laptops. And, just as the monthly fee for software-as-a-service includes maintenance, support, and upgrades, hardware vendors are offering those same bundled services.

HaaS is how Highfive delivers our award-winning video collaboration. Best of all, it solves IT’s biggest administration challenges, and this new white paper explains how.

HaaS makes video conferencing easy to buy, setup, maintain, support, and use. That’s why we offer intelligent meeting rooms as an all-in-one, maintenance-free HaaS bundle. You pay one low monthly fee per room, we give you everything you need to make it easy, seamless, and friction-free for IT, workers, customers, partners, and everyone else you collaborate with.