How to support a remote workforce with video meetings [Webinar]

Working remotely is a no longer a nice-to-have perk. It’s something of an expectation these days, when over a quarter of American employees works out of the office at some point during the week. We’re becoming a culture that expects the flexibility to work from anywhere, and that’s because we know we can stay connected. We know the technology exists to keep us collaborating and productive when we work remotely. The question is: Which companies are willing to give remote workers what they need to succeed?

Expensify is. On a quest to simplify the dreaded expense report process, this Bay Area-based company proudly recruits remote workers. They believe talent isn’t tied to a home base—and they want the best people they can find. At the same time, however, they know face-to-face collaboration is never an acceptable sacrifice. That’s why they use Highfive for video conferencing.

In our latest webinar, Highfive joins forces with Expensify to discuss the unique challenges of managing a remote workforce. Watch and you’ll learn how Highfive’s cloud-based video conferencing experience goes beyond the basics of video, audio, and screen sharing to establish a valuable non-verbal connection between teams and enhance the employee-centric culture already flourishing at Expensify.