7 Unexpected Uses of Video Conferencing

If we had to describe what video conferencing is used for — and in just one word, without a doubt that word is “versatile”. Everyone knows video is an amazing connection and collaboration tool. But perhaps video conferencing’s greatest quality is its chameleon-like ability to adapt to an ever-changing work environment.

Today’s top companies are going beyond the “special occasion” use of video conferencing for board room gatherings and important meetings. They’re using video in a variety of ways in their everyday work to increase efficiency, cut costs and boost productivity.

To show you what we’re talking about, we’ve outlined seven unexpected use cases for video conferencing. We hope they’ll ignite your imagination to consider all the ways video can help you do more at work.

Video office portal

1. Connect your dots: Office portal

Communicating with headquarters and conducting impromptu brainstorms with co-workers at satellite offices is faster and easier when you use video to create an always-on office portal. To create yours, simply set up a Highfive device in a central location at each office, and voila, your “dots” are connected. A true productivity booster, portals empower employees to innovate, collaborate and achieve great things together.

Video one-on-one

2. Face up to your people: One-on-ones

Meeting face-to-face with direct reports can be tough in today’s on-the-go workplace. Video conferencing solves this problem by making it quick and painless to conduct one-on-ones with direct reports. Now, whether folks are around the world or in the same building, you can connect quickly and build trust with one click, thanks to video one-on-ones.

Video design review

3. Be brilliant by design: Design review

Jumpstart your creative process by using screen sharing to conduct design reviews of everything your team creates, from software prototypes to marketing campaigns and more. Highfive’s screen sharing feature enables you to show your designs early and often without the hassle of emails and uploads. A true time-saver, it also gives you the ability to gain instant feedback and make changes on the spot.


4. Turbo-charge recruiting: Video interviews

Fast and efficient, video interviews make finding great hires and eliminating unqualified candidates a quick and cost-effective experience for everyone involved. Plus, it enables recruiting to expand their search to areas with deep talent pools without blowing their travel budget.

Video IT help desk

5. Help your IT friends: IT help desk

Provide instant gratification for IT (and the people they help) via a video IT Help Desk. This approach enables IT to diagnose problems and solve them remotely, saving time and boosting productivity. It also eliminates the costs and hassles of in-person troubleshooting.

Video sales presentation

6. Give sales a boost: Sales presentations

Every sales person knows face-to-face meetings result in deals being closed faster and more frequently, which is why using video conferencing for sales presentations are amazing. They enable your sales team to look prospects in the eye, easily share their screens, and deliver dynamic demonstrations. Plus, sales teams can repurpose the time they save on travel to focus on closing more deals.

Video standup meeting

7. Get the team together: Daily stand-up meetings

One of the best ways to foster collaboration, build trust and strengthen relationships between on-site and off-site team members is to use video conferencing to host daily or weekly standup meetings. Video stand-up meetings enable you to coordinate projects, get task updates, and make decisions faster, since you can meet with everyone face-to-face quickly, which is always easier than keeping track of messy group email trails.

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