Top 4 Interactive Whiteboard Apps for Remote Meetings

Conducting lively meetings with remote attendees is easy when you use HD video conferencing units for face-to-face connections, but what about those times when you want everyone to participate in a whiteboard session during a video conference? Luckily, there are plenty of apps for that.

However, it’s important to note that when shopping for apps that allow remote attendees to participate in whiteboard sessions, be sure you choose one that is not only “interactive” but allows multiple users to make changes in “real-time.” To help you find an interactive whiteboard application with real-time collaboration for remote workers, we’ve created a list of our top four recommendations below. Each of these apps are designed to engage everyone in your meeting, whether on-site or off, in a truly collaborative whiteboard session.

#1: ExplainEverything

Boasting four out of five stars from its 4.2 million users, ExplainEverything is an easy-to-use, interactive whiteboard application that enables you to annotate, animate, and narrate documents, images and drawings. You can also “import and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.”

Originally designed for educators, this app’s simple and intuitive user interface, and ability to foster collaboration in real-time between multiple users quickly made it a go-to app for movers and shakers in the business world, as well. To invite remote attendees to participate in collaboration sessions, organizers send a unique code to them generated by the app.

Number of people that can share a board: Varies based on subscription
Cost: One-time fee of $5.99, $7.99, or annual subscription based upon number of users

#2: Miro, formerly RealtimeBoard

Built to enhance remote team collaboration, the Miro allows remote participants to join in whiteboard sessions as if they were in the same room. Organizers can create a whiteboard and share it with meeting attendees via a link. Once everyone is on the board, all participants can see changes as they happen and know who made the changes, thanks to unique collaborator cursors. Users who purchase a team or premium account can also launch and participate in whiteboard sessions via screen sharing.

Number of people that can share a board: Unlimited
Cost: Free with limited features, or subscription-based for access to all features

#3: LiveBoard

Free and feature-rich, LiveBoard is perhaps one of the best deals of all the interactive whiteboard apps on the market. In addition to providing meeting organizers with the ability to collaborate with an unlimited number of team members, the app also allows users to save and access an unlimited number of boards in a searchable gallery. Saved boards can be shared at any time via email and social media. To allow remote meeting attendees to join whiteboard sessions, organizers can use the app’s easy ‘one-click’ invite feature.

Number of people that can share a board: Unlimited
Cost: Free

#4: Jot!

At first glance, Jot! appears to be a no-frills interactive whiteboard, but don’t be fooled by its simplistic design, this is one of the few whiteboards in the Apple App store that allows remote attendees to participate in whiteboard sessions in real-time. With Jot!, everyone in your meeting can sketch ideas with their fingers or type notes on boards, and instantly share them with all attendees. Sessions can also be saved and emailed as photos to team members for review. To take advantage of the app’s cloud-based “Live Sharing” feature for real-time collaboration, remote attendees must purchase the app.

Number of people that can share a board: Unlimited
Cost: $2.99 + .99 to add Live Sharing  

Get On Board

Studies have shown that writing and drawing increase a person’s ability to think creatively, solve problems, and retain knowledge. Because these activities engage the brain in ways that typing and texting don’t, you may find that inviting your team to join in a whiteboard session at your next video conference may be just the breakthrough you need to tap into their more innovative ideas.

Of course, having a reliable video conferencing system is paramount to the successful communication of ideas with remote employees, whether the main activity of the meeting is a discussion or a whiteboard session. Highfive all-in-one video conferencing solution delivers an unparalleled face-to-face communication experience, and are is user friendly, anyone can use them right out of the box to share screens, brainstorm solutions, collaborate with remote employees, and more. To equip your team with everything they need to be successful, start by giving them a Highfive.

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By Sara Moseley