The second coming of your company’s computer guy

Ever since Jimmy Fallon left SNL in 2004, taking with him “Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy,” we’ve been waiting for the next rendition of a day in the life of an IT tech.

The wait may be over (or close to it). An American version of the popular British comedy The IT Crowd is coming to NBC. The team that brought us Scrubs—producer Bill Lawrence and writers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan—is behind the show about two socially-awkward IT guys working for a faceless corporation.

Among the stars of the British original is Chris O’Dowd, who many will recognize from his turn as the gentlemanly police officer in Bridesmaids. No word on who will star in the U.S. interpretation.

It seems likely that the growing fascination with “nerd culture”, and the popularity of HBO’s Silicon Valley, helped green light the show, which NBC tried to bring to the U.S. back in 2007. That version, starring Joel McHale, never aired due to changes in management at the network.