The Future of Work is Here: Highfive Running on Verizon 5G Gives Alley Users a Truly Mobile Future

Connectivity matters. WebRTC matters. These fundamental truths of video conferencing never rang truer than at Verizon’s recent media day in New York City. At the event, Highfive was put to the test connecting the Chelsea Alley to the Palo Alto Alley over Verizon’s 5G network. Their 5G Lab found Highfive to be the most reliable and scalable video conferencing solution for delivering an exceptional customer experience to Alley workers.

What makes this so exciting is not only that Highfive was running on Verizon’s 5G network, it also reinforces the importance of WebRTC. Highfive was built from the ground up on a robust WebRTC stack, a collection of standards, protocols, and JavaScript APIs that enables our voice and video communications to seamlessly and reliably work inside a Web browser. And it all happens without the need for downloads or plugins, allowing us and our customers to easily scale both linearly and globally.

Highfive Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances Davide Pacchini demonstrates Highfive connecting Chelsea Alley to Palo Alto Alley.

Highfive Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances Davide Pacchini demonstrates Highfive connecting Chelsea Alley to Palo Alto Alley.

For intelligent meeting rooms and co-working spaces like the Alleys powered by Verizon, WebRTC forms the foundation of Highfive’s in-room video conferencing solutions. We started building our WebRTC-based conferencing solution years ago, and while our customers have reaped the benefits ever since, others are finally starting to recognize its huge advantages. I see 2019 as the breakthrough year for this modern communications technology, but Highfive is already way ahead of the pack. Even better for our customers, we continue to harness the power of open-source WebRTC to redefine how cloud-based visual and audio communication are built and deployed.

But it’s not just one thing that makes Highfive amazing. We also deliver our conferencing solution on AWS hyperscale cloud. This lets Alley workers and all of our customers easily join a video meeting or audio conference call from any browser and on any device. There are no apps to download, no PINs to remember, and no passwords needed. With just a single click, teams are connected and happily collaborating. At Alley, it’s happening over a 5G network, and since it’s running on AWS hyperscale cloud, we give customers the unique ability to scale their business conferencing as fast and as globally as they need. We can turn up modern video collaboration in any office, anywhere AWS is—and let’s face it, they’re everywhere. That’s what helps makes Highfive video conferencing ubiquitous.

What brings it all together is how we bundle our hardware and our software into one sleek package that’s delivered as a service. It lets us leverage the power, flexibility, and scalability of the AWS cloud, the seamlessness of WebRTC, and the simplicity of the bundle to put video collaboration in every intelligent meeting room, all with care-free maintenance and while we manage everything. It cures IT headaches and eases help tickets, while eliminating upfront investments and the need to purchase hardware or software. No other company can do this. Additionally, Highfive is the only integrated, end-to-end HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service) meeting room collaboration solution. If there’s a problem with the equipment, we’ll replace it. If there’s an available upgrade to software or hardware, you’ll get it—and most likely while you’re sleeping, so there’s never a disruption to your business.

But let’s get back to Alley powered by Verizon’s 5G network.

Verizon launched Alley as a new co-working concept designed to inspire entrepreneurs, build connections, and enable collaboration on the Verizon 5G network. Poor connectivity traditionally has been a challenge of mobile networks, but 5G removes this obstacle. Even better, it promises Internet speeds 20-times faster and latency 5-times lower than what we’re used to today. This means Highfive can pump 4K, and even 8K, video conferencing over 5G to provide the ultimate experience and mobility.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Alley had to say:

5G Helps Enterprises Reimagine the Future of Work

A lot of the work we do every day requires real-time collaboration whether in-person or by video conference. Aside from having to deal with Ethernet cables, dongles and remote controls, we’ve all had meetings derailed by connectivity issues or having to squint through pixelated presentations. 5G is helping to solve these issues by delivering reliable connectivity and high-quality 4K video conferencing with improved audio quality that can be done across different devices.

At Verizon’s 5G Lab in New York City, Highfive, a video conferencing provider based in Redwood California, recently demonstrated how its in-room video conferencing solution can be enhanced with 5G. The company conducted a live 5G video conference from our New York City 5G Lab to our 5G Lab in Palo Alto. Participants showed how they could join the conference from a mobile device and switch to a laptop without having to disconnect and dial back in and have a seamless high quality 4K experience.

5G’s super-fast speed, low latency and massive bandwidth, across both mobile and fixed wireless access, make this type of immersive video interaction possible. 5G will not only improve contextual awareness to help automatically recognize faces and focus the audio on the person speaking, it will bring all the fine details into sharper focus. Consider an architectural firm, that’s sharing its floor plans with clients based in different locations via video conference. Having crisp, detailed images matter – that’s where 5G is crucial.

“When you have latency the camera downscales the video but with 5G’s low latency and great bandwidth, you get larger and sharper video quality,” said HighFive’s Davide Pacchini, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “With 5G, we can start to have a video conference with 4K and sometimes 8K video that can be brought right into the room and you don’t need anything but a 5G connection,”

More advanced 5G applications the company envisions include things like a connected fan experience in a sport arena where a fan can work on an AR solution, look at multiple screens and run 16K video across the stadium all streaming in real-time.

Stay tuned next Monday for another cool 5G use case on ThirdEye!

I believe that Alley powered by Verizon’s 5G network and Highfive are an ideal combination, with a shared mission to make video conferencing ubiquitous.Together, we give workers exceptional video conferencing and collaboration solutions that enable greater mobility and adapt to how people truly want to work.

You should give Highfive a try at your workplace. We’ve reimagined everything to make intelligent meetings easier to procure, setup, use, and maintain, whether it’s in one small huddle room or across an entire company. Your business can quickly give workers a modern, digital workplace where every meeting room is equipped for flawless, immersive collaboration that provides a “like you’re there” experience.

It’s all bundled as a service, so you get the hardware, software, maintenance, and support for one really low monthly fee per meeting room. It couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable…and your meetings will never be the same, particularly over 5G.

With Alley and Highfive, the future of work is here. And now that workers can connect over 5G, well, the sky’s the limit!

By Joe Manuele, CEO of Highfive