Special Offer for Okta Customers to Experience Highfive’s Meetings Reimagined™

Rejoice all Okta customers! Exclaim “adieu!” to the frustration caused by unreliable and disjointed communication platforms. Reclaim the countless hours you’ve squandered trying to establish a semblance of a video connection. Now you can relish the efficiency of truly collaborating the way you’ve always wanted, regardless of your location, and on whichever device you like.

In partnership with Okta, the leading independent provider of secure enterprise identity management, Highfive is empowering Okta customers with a special offer for FREE desktop and web video conferencing services. Okta’s customers can experience the amazing quality of the industry’s easiest video conferencing solution. This partnership enables Okta customers to quickly realize the exquisite potential of having a secure and automated provisioning platform that is tied directly to an intelligent video conferencing solution. In addition to having unlimited access to Highfive video and voice conferencing services, end-users will discover a robust suite of services and applications.

To become an Okta platform partner, Highfive provides Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 compliance and a subset of the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) 2.0. SAML grants secure Single Sign-On (SSO) without compromising user experience. SCIM enables administrators to create, update and deactivate Highfive users. Highfive IT administrators can utilize Okta to execute Highfive user management and provisioning. Highfive is now fully integrated with Okta, bringing together two leading SaaS providers with the power of video conferencing and identify management services.  

Highfive administrators can also store and manage their Highfive domain and credentials in Okta. This Highfive integration enables Okta to manage SSO, Identity Governance and Identity Lifecycle Management for all Highfive accounts. The Highfive user on-boarding experience is fully transformed into a completely frictionless process with the automated service provisioning Okta provides.

IT administrators no longer need to perform extra work exclusively in the Highfive system whenever employees join or leave the organization. Creating and managing Highfive credentials will be a breeze for Okta customers. With the ability to manage Highfive users with Okta, IT is liberated from user provisioning and Highfive software maintenance. IT can focus their time and energy on more pressing and pertinent projects.

We’re so confident that Okta customers will be thrilled with Highfive’s crisp video, precession audio, and intuitive usability, that they will be compelled to fully reimagine their meeting rooms. Envision finally having it all. A video conferencing solution for the way you want to work. A “like you’re there” experience that empowers people to meet and get their best work done.

If you would like to learn more about this special offer for Okta customers, visit highfive.com/offers/okta or call (844) 464-4445.