Let’s Do Video Webinar Recap: It’s Not You, It’s the Technology

The founder and CEO of Let’s Do Video, David Maldow, was featured on our recent joint webinar titled “5 Ways To Turn Your Meeting Rooms Into Productivity Powerhouses.” Maldow, an expert on collaboration, especially the tech and solutions behind video conferencing, has covered the visual collaboration industry as an analyst over the past decade. In that time, Maldow has seen how the way we work has changed for the better, but our meeting spaces haven’t.

In this webinar, the replay of which you can watch here, Maldow provided an entertaining review on what meetings used to be, which was status updates and information sharing. And they were largely a waste of time. That’s why an entire genre of comedy was created to focus on the insanity of meeting overload and the ongoing perception that meetings were a thing to get out of, not to get into.

The Foundation of Great Meetings

Meetings, in their traditional form, are a punchline, not a productivity catalyst. But technology was supposed to be the savior.

Video conferencing was supposed to be a meeting panacea, said Maldow, where remote teams and workers could talk as if they were in the same room. But the first few generations of video collaboration were too complex, and hardware was cobbled together from different vendors so it was rarely used. In order to have a video call, Maldow said, “You’d have to invite IT to every meeting just to get it started.”

What Maldow has seen over the past few years, however, is that the goal of meetings has changed. Meetings are now more about getting work done, not talking about getting work done. “Meetings are a bad idea because we’ve been doing them wrong,” he explained. The appeal of video has also changed so as to include and enhance the participation of a few remote workers for the rest of workers within an office.

The Failure of Meeting Room Video

Millennials, what with their always-on, always-connected upbringing, are driving this change, Maldow said. He dove into the “individual contributor” upbringing of older generations, contrasted with how millennials grew up as team players who were constantly connected to and having conversations with friends via technology. They were working and playing as groups, remotely, and they brought that with them into the workplace.

But workplace technology blocked the momentum of this shift because audio quality wasn’t good, it was just good enough. Video was available, but too difficult to use. And the overly complex in-room hardware just wasn’t worth the trouble to figure out.

Poll Question #2

So what do today’s workers want in their meeting room and collaboration tools? It’s their desire path, says Maldow, and it’s obvious once you take the time to observe how your teams actually work. “Don’t block the desire path, improve it,” said Maldow. And with that, he dove into his “5 Ways To Turn Your Meeting Rooms Into Productivity Powerhouses.”

Key Takeaways

To hear Maldow explain each of the 5 ways, as well as more about the changing nature of meetings and the advances in meeting room technology making it all happen, watch the rest of the webinar here.