Latest Developments in the Highfive Product

The Highfive Product and Engineering team has been hard at work on the big items that have become most important to our customers since they started doing most of their work from home. 

We’re getting close to being able to provide early access to our new “Show Everyone” view, which will allow you to see 9-12 other video participants on one screen in your meetings. We know this is critical when your staff is working from their homes instead of offices. We greatly appreciate your patience as we’ve developed and rolled out this significant enhancement to your Highfive experience.

We also are close to an early access phase for our larger participant limits, allowing more than 125 attendees into a Highfive moderated meeting. The greater limit sizes will be available to most existing Highfive subscriptions.

We’ve made some changes to how we utilize bandwidth, as well, reducing overall network consumption for most meetings and improving the user experience for people on constrained networks. Those changes are generally available now. We have a host of additional changes along those lines coming, both behind the scenes (such as further optimizing network usage) and user-facing (such as turning off incoming videos when the network can’t support it). 

Speaking of user-facing changes, you can now stop recordings that you’ve started from the Highfive app! This was the most frequently requested recording-related enhancement. If you start and stop a recording multiple times during a meeting, you’ll get multiple recordings created and links sent via email to each one.

It was done back in April, but we also wanted to make sure that everyone knew that we now have static IP address ranges available for Highfive’s media services. These are often beneficial for firewall whitelisting and network optimization. See our Help Center for all the details. 

Last, but definitely not least, we have made changes to support new Web Conferencing Plans & Pricing for companies needing video conferencing, but don’t have conference rooms to equip with our excellent hardware options. 

Happy conferencing!