Kicking Off the New Year with New Features and Integrations

We’re kicking off the new year by announcing a whole string of new features and integrations. All Highfive customers can now take advantage of new third-party integrations with Skype for Business as well as Outlook on Mac and Office 365 so that inviting others to meetings is even easier. Plus, we’re also introducing three recently added features: Group Chat, Call Recording, and Call Me.

Embed Highfive into your collaboration workflow with the Skype for Business integration

We’ve long had an integration with Slack that allowed you to easily invite someone to a Highfive meeting from within the team messaging application, and now we’re excited to bring similar functionality to Skype for Business. Our new integration with Skype for Business for Windows gives you even more control over how you start your Highfive meetings. It allows you to easily invite your Skype contacts to a Highfive meeting via your Skype contacts list or in an active conversation. Find out how the integration works and how to enable it in our Help Center.

Invite others to meetings more easily with the Outlook for Mac and Office 365 integration

If you’re an avid Microsoft Outlook user, the Highfive for Outlook add-in makes scheduling Highfive meetings directly in your calendar a one-click process. We’ve had an integration for Outlook on Windows for a while now, but in the last few weeks, we’ve added this integration to Outlook on Mac and Office 365. Now, all Outlook users can easily add Highfive links to their meetings. You can learn how the integration works and how to add it in our Help Center.

Keep track of every groundbreaking idea with Call Recording

Highfive has long been a go-to solution for everything from daily standups to board meetings. Now, customers with Highfive Standard, Professional, and/or Professional Plus plans can take advantage of our brand-new call recording feature to document those important moments — no third-party software or additional hardware is necessary.

With the click of a button, any call participant can begin recording their current meeting. When finished, simply leave the meeting and the Highfive app will automatically email you a link to the recording. Clicking the link will allow you to review and download a high-quality MP4 file that contains both audio and video playback. It’s truly that simple.

Instant message during video meetings with Group Chat

The new Group Chat feature now lets you send text-based messages to all the participants in your meeting. We love using video to communicate (and we know you do too!), but we know there are times in a meeting where sending something via instant messaging is easier. Perhaps you’d like to share the link to a doc you’ve been working on, or maybe you need share something before you forget but don’t want to interrupt the flow of the meeting.

For those moments and more, we’ve added in-meeting Group Chat to provide users yet another option for communication that keeps meetings running smoothly and efficiently. Notifications alert you when someone sends a chat to the group, and all of the chat messages are deleted one minute after the last user has left the meeting, keeping everything safe and secure (chat messages do not appear in meeting recordings). Best of all, Group Chat is free and included with all Highfive service plans.

Let Highfive call you with Call Me

Last year, we announced Highfive Professional Plus with unlimited domestic and international dial-out directly from the Dolby Conference Phone, so you could ditch your old conference phones for a more streamlined solution. Now, we’ve introduced the ‘Call Me’ feature so you can have Highfive call you (or others!) to join a meeting.

We want you to be able to join your meetings how you want, when you want. To use the Call Me feature and have the Highfive meeting call you, simply input the desired phone number you wish to call instead of dialing the unique phone number for the meeting, and voila! Your meeting will call you directly at the number you provided.

We hope you enjoy the new features and integrations! Tweet at us at @HighfiveHQ to let us know what you think of the new features and if you have a favorite. Plus, stay tuned as we have more exciting updates coming in the next couple of months.

By Clayton Pritchard