Joe Manuele Gives the Lowdown on Highfive for UC Today ‘Out Loud’

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – The Lowdown on Highfive

As businesses see more value in fostering collaboration, video conferencing has become an increasingly necessary tool for teams to communicate and engage with one another. With more global offices and remote workers than ever before, the ability to hear, see and interact with your colleagues, regardless of their physical location or device, is crucial to effectively working together.

On the heels of being named the Best Collaboration Solution of the Year, host Patrick Wilson from UC Today invited our CEO Joe Manuele on the ‘Out Loud’ podcast to discuss video collaboration challenges and how we can make remote meetings better. Here’s what he had to say:

“Audio clarity is an integral part of the meeting experience.”

Audio is the foundation of a good meeting experience; however, the quality, reliability and even high costs if people are using 1-800 numbers to dial in, leaves much to be desired. Whether it’s dropped or lagging voices, crackling feedback, quiet talkers or background noise — chances are you’re going to run into an audio problem that can derail a meeting.

According to our study, audio quality and reliability is still the number one technical reason people choose not to use video conferencing for their meetings. More than 80% of participants claim they experience frequent audio issues, making it easier to forego video in favor of a phone call where you know the audio will at least be adequate.

To solve this problem, Highfive has teamed with Dolby Laboratories to deliver an unparalleled conferencing experience. But it’s more than just a partnership, Highfive has integrated the Dolby Voice codec into every level of our conferencing platform. That means all Highfive meetings benefit from crystal-clear, high-fidelity audio, noise cancellation, and 360-degree spatial voice pick-up and separation — regardless of the environment or device used.

“Video should be ubiquitous in meeting rooms.”

At Highfive, we’re reimagining meeting rooms. We believe that every room, regardless of size or location, should be outfitted to support video collaboration. Unfortunately, due to historic costs and complexities, it hasn’t always been easy to do so. Highfive CEO Joe Manuele explains that more than 90% of conference rooms today still don’t have any form of video communications, period. We’re disrupting this with an easy to deploy, affordable conferencing solution that makes virtual meetings simple and cost-effective across the enterprise.

To do that, we built the first WebRTC-powered conferencing platform that pairs dedicated hardware and born-in-the-cloud software. Our all-in-one solution is hosted on Amazon’s AWS hyperscale cloud to ensure quality, and enables the first true download-free and one-click-to-join experience. Highfive connects participants from any combination of physical meeting rooms, web conferencing and telephony. Best of all, Highfive eliminates maintenance for IT administrators. Just purchase the service, and we ship hardware powered by a simple plug-and-play setup, automatic firmware updates and a cloud-based troubleshooting hub.

Unique to Highfive, our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model allows us to outfit every room and every person with video conferencing at a fraction of the cost as legacy video conferencing providers and other vendors. Highfive also provides a comprehensive dial-out experience with high-fidelity audio that eliminates the need for conference phones, landlines and VoIP providers. This means IT administrators can do away with those additional costs and save thousands of extra dollars per month.

“My most used huddle room is my car,” explains Joe. “The ability to take a meeting on the go and then move it from a mobile device to a laptop or conference room is invaluable.”

In addition to meeting flexibility and affordability, Highfive’s signature software provides a wide-ranging ecosystem of workflow integrations like Slack, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for a seamless user-experience previously reserved for consumer products.

The need for instant, reliable workplace collaboration is more prevalent than ever, and so are the challenges for businesses to deliver on this transformational initiative. Highfive is designed to tackle today’s most demanding virtual meetings and collaboration workplaces. From enterprises with offices across the globe, to startups seeking a better way to communicate internally, Highfive enables instant collaboration for every worker at every organization, no matter their size or location.

But don’t just take our word for it: check-out what some of our customers have to say, or sign up for a trial today to experience Highfive for yourself.