Sending video conferencing pain points the way of the beeper (Videos)

Few things are as frustrating as IT problems slowing you down, especially when it comes to video conferencing pain points. Fumbling with a labyrinth of tangled cords, frantically searching for your dial-in at the last minute and wracking your brain to figure out your password have been known to drive even the mellowest person to existential crisis.

At Highfive, we know that we can’t solve all of your IT struggles — unfortunately, we don’t know why your router keeps disconnecting every second Tuesday of the month either — but we can make sure that the clumsy dongles, lengthy pincodes and difficult-to-remember passwords once needed to join video calls become ancient relics. While you may never get back those precious minutes spent trying to connect to video calls in the pre-Highfive era, sometimes laughter is the best way to heal from the pain of the past.

To that end, we hope you’ll enjoy a few of the latest productions from the Highfive studios — check out the critically-acclaimed trilogy below.

By Katie Takacs