Highfive Launches Join by Browser to Make Video Meetings Even Easier

No pin codes, no passwords, and now, no downloads

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve eliminated desktop app downloads through Join by Browser, allowing for browser video conferencees! When we started Highfive, one of our aims was to make it the easiest way to join a video meeting. That’s why we eliminated pin codes, passwords, cables, and remote controls. And now, we’ve gotten rid of those pesky downloads too. That’s right, you can now join Highfive meetings directly in your browser with just the click of a link.

We heard from IT professionals that required app downloads were one of the most frustrating issues with video conferencing (next to video and audio quality issues), so we got rid of them. At Highfive, we believe every conversation should be face-to-face, including the most important ones with customers, partners, candidates and sales prospects. Technology should enable that—not make it more difficult. With Join by Browser, anyone inside or outside your organization can join a meeting in seconds, even if they’ve never used Highfive before. So far, our customers are loving it.

“We chose Highfive because it was the easiest to use video conferencing solution, and with Join by Browser, they just made it even easier!” says Simon Mosk-Aoyama, COO at Bankrate. “There’s no downloading extra apps, no confusion, and most importantly, no wasted time. Now that joining a meeting is as easy as clicking a link, we can invite partners and customers to meetings without worrying that they won’t be able to connect.”

Highfive is the first and only hardware + software video conferencing provider with a fully-featured in-browser video conference experience. Which means when you join using your browser, you get all the same features you had in our desktop app, including screensharing and stereo, spatial audio powered by Dolby Voice.

As of today, all Highfive meetings have Join by Browser. To join a meeting, just click on the link from your calendar or chat application, or type the meeting URL into the address bar, and as long as you’re using Google Chrome 60+, you’ll automatically join in your browser. Not using Chrome? Stay tuned as we’ll be adding support for other browsers soon.
In-Browser Video Conferencing
Prefer using an app? Go for it! You can still initiate and join meetings using the Highfive desktop application for Windows and Mac—just open the desktop app and get started. You can download the app here.

By Shan Sinha