#HighfiveChat recap: Dolby Voice and video conferencing audio

We teamed up last week for a #HighfiveChat with @Dolby to chat about all things video conferencing audio. During the chat, our community discussed some of the biggest video conferencing audio quality issues users run into, the impact poor audio quality has on meeting productivity, and much more. Read on for some highlights from our chat. Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Tweet @HighfiveHQ! We’d love to hear from you!

Q1: When it comes to video conferencing audio, what’s the most common audio problem you see?


Q2: How many video meetings have audio quality problems? How long does it usually take to fix those problems?


Q3: What are some audio quality problems specific to remote workers?

Q4: When taking a meeting remotely, how does the audio quality affect your experience? Do you feel less included?


Q5: What is the impact of poor audio quality on meeting productivity?

Q6: What types of meeting spaces are most challenging for audio quality?

Q7: What meeting space hacks increase the audio quality during video meetings?

Q8: Have you ever misheard anyone during a video meeting? We want to hear the stories!


By Katie Takacs