Highfive & Dolby partner to deliver the first meeting room experience of its kind

Meeting rooms often get a bad rap. And when they’re cluttered with difficult-to-use and low-quality collaboration technology, that’s understandable. But at Highfive, we believe that all meeting rooms have the potential to be hubs where people, tech and ideas combine to make magical things happen. Cue our latest step in that direction — a partnership with Dolby to bring their theater-quality sound to all meeting rooms powered by Highfive.

We’ve already ditched the dongle and put an end to pincode panic, but we’re always looking to make your conference experience even better. That’s why every Highfive call will now incorporate Dolby Voice for the crispest, clearest audio available. Dolby Voice eliminates background noise and solves awkward crosstalk with stereo spatial voice separation that makes it sound like everyone has their own personal microphone. You can also add a premium audio device for unbeatable clarity in every room. And with Dolby’s positional sound accurately mimicking in-person conversation, all meeting attendees can hear and contribute to the conversation as if they were all together in one room.

With these new and enhanced offerings, we’re hoping that more people will be encouraged to turn to video conferencing than ever — no more avoiding calls because of lackluster audio quality (which happens to be the #1 reason people don’t use video in every meeting). Our partnership with Dolby means you’ll be able to enjoy enterprise-quality video and audio at an affordable price, allowing for exceptional video conferencing in every meeting room, not just the boardroom.

“The Highfive solution is magic. By adding in Dolby, the audio is unbelievable- our team meetings are more productive and more enjoyable,” says IT Lead at Evernote, Simon Zhang.

Ready for a meeting room experience unlike any other? More info on the Highfive and Dolby partnership here.


By Shan Sinha