Highfive celebrates 300 percent growth in video-enabled meeting rooms

Today–like all days–is an amazing day to be part of Highfive, and we want to thank and congratulate everyone who has been a part of this journey. Our team has made it their mission to turn the conference room into a place you can love with simple and affordable in-room video conferencing.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that the number of rooms with active Highfive devices has increased by 300 percent since this time last year, with more than 6,800 conference rooms at 2,100 businesses. Among some of our newer customers are former Cisco users LeEco and von Drehle.

LeEco, a company that creates and distributes streaming content, manufactures smart devices and develops autonomous electric vehicles all centered around their core content ecosystem, chose Highfive to connect their rapidly expanding US workforce. From their US headquarters in San Jose to offices all along the West coast, LeEco — sometimes referred to as “the Netflix of China” — has established Highfive as their standard video conferencing solution, at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems like Cisco and Polycom.

“In the last year, our team has gone from 80 people to 485 people in the US alone. As we scale up across offices, face-to-face communication is essential — especially in a global, multi-vertical company like ours with so many moving parts,” said Tyson Lee, Senior Director of Information Technology at LeEco.

“Fortunately, Highfive delivers that, all with a lower cost and easier user experience than our previous system. It’s quickly becoming the de facto solution for staff meetings, team syncs and ad-hoc chats that take place across the company. Given its effectiveness and price point, I honestly feel that Highfive should be in every conference room.”

With more customers and active, outfitted meeting rooms than ever before, we’ve seen our average monthly call minutes more than double, with about 6 million call minutes per month, putting our 50,000 registered users on track to reach over 50 million call minutes by the end of the year.

“Our continued growth shows that businesses realize that meeting rooms don’t have to be places of frustration — seamless, modern video conferencing in every room makes truly effective communication and collaboration possible for all employees, no matter the distance,” said Shan Sinha, CEO of Highfive.