Get engaged with Highfive Video Conferencing

Recently, a study revealed that humans have attention spans shorter than goldfish. That’s right, a goldfish is able to track with you for nine seconds, but your coworker is ready to check his phone again at 8.25 seconds. Aside from being a comic commentary on life in a culture where everything is designed to distract, there’s an inherent challenge wrapped up in this news: how do you keep people engaged?

A few years ago, nearly every company implemented an “every chair left behind” policy upon learning that stand-up meetings increased engagement and productivity and decreased meeting times. Of course, we here at Highfive recently completed our own customer study and found that incorporating video into your meetings not only makes them more productive and effective, it makes them more engaging. To show you just what we mean, we’ve featured a couple of fast-reading stories (below) that share how companies, like yours, are using Highfive to get more employees engaged.

Story 1: Engaging employees across the globe


Who? Mimeo – an online content management company, whose 800+ employees, located in five international offices, serve more than 50,000 organizations in over 14 countries.

Challenge: Mimeo needed to unify the culture across all offices and enable teams to share content, collaborate and participate in relationship building exercises. They had tried a number of communication platforms to connect employees throughout their enterprise, from phones and bridge lines, to Google Hangouts, GoTo Meeting and Join.Me, but the poor performance and connectivity issues were making true engagement impossible.

Prescription: Install Highfive video conferencing devices in all conference rooms and executive offices.

Result: Employees throughout all company locations are building great relationships. “We wanted to feel like everyone was in the same room, that we’re all on the same team, no matter where you are,” says Doug Bohaboy, Vice President of Marketing at Mimeo. Bohaboy maintains that the simple ability to see who you are talking to has encouraged more people to participate in meetings and has ultimately created a more collaborative culture at Mimeo. “With Highfive…you can interact and see faces — there’s higher engagement,” says Bohaboy.

Deal-makers: Bohaboy was initially sold on Highfive’s instant connectivity, but was soon addicted to the tangible team experience it creates. He also relishes that everyone can be at the same table, fully engaged in working together to solve issues and achieve goals.

Story 2: Creating an engaging atmosphere

Who? Deksia – a growing marketing and branding agency with its business and consulting office in Grand Rapids, Michigan and its creative headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.

Challenge: In marketing, creative teams and account teams each bring a unique perspective to a client’s needs and goals. Because Deksia’s teams were in different states, it was imperative that they find a platform that enabled them to collaborate and engage with one another as if they were talking in person. “We tried Skype, Fuze, Facetime, Speak, GoToMeeting and Citrix. None of them made us feel like we were actually connecting to each other,” says Aaron VanderGalien, Senior Partner at Deksia.

Prescription: Install Highfive in central locations at both offices and create an always-on portal.

Result: The Highfive always-on portal has empowered both offices to connect face-to-face and engage in strategy discussions, conduct impromptu brainstorms, and work together whenever they want. “Highfive helps ensure that our team can effortlessly collaborate together to produce great work. And we’ve gotten a lot closer to each other. On Fridays, we all have a beer together over Highfive,” says VanderGalien.

Deal-makers: For Deksia, Highfive’s simplicity and design were major selling points. “It was so easy it was ridiculous,” says VanderGalien. He also appreciates Highfive’s wide-angle lens. “The lens covers the whole room and captures everything, so you really feel like you’re right there in person with the folks on the other end. You’re having a conversation with life-size people, not just talking heads.”

Let’s connect

If you’re looking for technology that enables your employees to engage with one another and have meaningful conversations and meetings from wherever they are, it’s time you popped the question, and asked Highfive to unite your people in connected bliss.


By Sara Moseley