Enhancing nonverbal communication with the help of Highfive Video Conferencing

Did you know that the majority of what you and others communicate is nonverbal? If you are talking to someone and can’t see them, you are missing more than half of what’s being said. According to the research of nonverbal communications expert, Dr. Albert Mehrabian:

  • 7% of any message is conveyed through words
  • 38% through voice (tone, volume, etc.)
  • 55% through nonverbal elements (facial expressions, gestures, posture, etc.)

In short, not talking to someone face-to-face increases your chances of having misunderstandings, miscommunications, and missed opportunities by up to 55 percent. That’s a lot of unnecessary drama, especially when video makes it easy to connect with people face-to-face, anytime, anywhere.

Video killed the audio call
Below we’ve featured a couple of fast-reading stories that share how companies, like yours, are using video more and more and experiencing communication breakdowns less and less. Video is empowering everyone from executives to team leads, to unite folks across their company and achieve common goals.

Story 1: A company of communication experts finds the perfect communications tool

Who? Trunk Platform – an Australian-based software development company that empowers customers around the globe to enjoy custom business platforms that enable them to communicate with one another simply, effectively and efficiently.

Challenge: Connecting with people face-to-face as the company continued to expand was becoming a difficult issue that could potentially threaten speed of innovation — an essential component of Trunk Platform’s success. To maintain close connections, the company tried video meetings via Skype and Google Chrome, but neither solution was as agile or effortless as they needed it to be.

“As a software company, we know how important it is to be on the cutting edge of technology… [and] the other video conferencing tools weren’t doing the trick,” says Justin Watts, Trunk Platform’s Director of Marketing.

Prescription: Install Highfive video conferencing devices in meeting spaces at all locations.

Result: Collaboration and innovation continue to increase, and Trunk Platform’s employees love the effortless face-to-face communication and impromptu brainstorms they can have across offices.

“Without effective video conferencing through Highfive, a lot of what we’re doing now wouldn’t be possible… our organization as a whole would be much more siloed. This constant connection is invaluable,” says Watts.

Deal-Makers: Watts loves that all Trunk Platform employees were able to use Highfive straight out of the box, without training or complexity. He also loves it’s dependably high-tech experience. “Little things like not having lag and allowing both parties to speak at the same time add up…to shorter more efficient meetings,” says Watts.

Story 2: Transforming medical device training into a no-brainer

Who? Zeltiq – the #1 rated medical device company, with offices on both coasts, six manufacturing facilities, and a fast-growing customer base spanning more than 60 countries.

Challenge: Equipping an array of the world’s top medical experts with the ability to demonstrate procedures and provide ongoing training to a global customer base using un-evolved video solutions.

Zeltiq has a number of remote employees, so finding a system that allowed everyone to communicate clearly was critical — and yet elusive. Lee Rocklage, Zeltiq’s Director of Desktop & Network Services, was frustrated by the complexity and costs of Cisco’s Polycom system, and the company’s attempts to use Skype and GoToMeeting as alternates were equally disappointing and unreliable. Plus, the sales team found it difficult to show off Zeltiq’s high-tech sophistication and ease-of-use, while using systems that were “cumbersome and ineffective.”

Prescription: Install Highfive video conferencing devices and big screen TVs in conference rooms and other meeting spaces throughout all locations.

Result: “Because of Highfive, we’ve switched to a culture of face-to-face meetings. We use it for sales calls, team meetings and executive communication: and we’ve been able to bring in a wider array of experts for training sessions. It’s really improved the way we communicate as an organization,” says Rocklage.

Deal-Makers: Rocklage maintains that Highfive was not only the best performing solution he had come across, but the most economical. He loves that customers and prospects can easily see and hear from the industry’s top experts. Highfive’s ease of use was also a major selling point. “The ability to send a URL and get started right away was very attractive,” Rocklage says.

Create Meaningful Experiences at Work

If you’re looking for technology that promotes understanding and more effective communication, it’s time you gave yourself a Highfive. They are great for capturing the subtle nuances and nonverbal communications that allow people to share what they truly mean — every time they connect.

By Sara Moseley