It’s Easier Than Ever to Join Calls With Highfive!

The product team is excited to announce a couple new features now that we’re on our new platform! You can now get dial-in numbers for meetings even more quickly and schedule meetings straight from Highfive.

Get a Dial-In Number

Currently our Standard and Professional customers can dial-in to any Highfive call. We’ve added a quicker way to get a dial-in number without having to first join a video call. When you’re ready to dial in to your meeting, just add /dial-in to the end of your meeting link to see your number, no pin codes required. You can do this on your computer, Android, or iOS device.

The best way to take advantage of this feature is to schedule your meeting with our Google Calendar or Outlook extensions, as these meetings have this link automatically included in the description.

If you don’t use Google Calendar or Outlook, these links will also be automatically included in meetings you schedule from Highfive, which we’ll talk about next!.


Schedule a Meeting From Highfive

Our Google Calendar and Outlook extensions are the easiest way to schedule Highfive meetings, but we know plenty of our users use other calendaring applications, so we added a feature in Highfive to help you schedule meetings. Just click on “Create meeting” from the home screen to get started.   

You can choose to schedule the meeting for now or later to save to your calendar, or just copy your meeting link to send in email, text, or chat applications like Slack, HipChat, or Skype.

With these two updates, creating and joining Highfive calls is easier than ever. The team has some other exciting projects in our pipeline, so look forward to more feature announcements soon!

By Katarina Makmuri