Our office makeover

One of my favorite aspects of our Highfive culture is our bi-weekly parties. The tradition started organically as a way to hangout outside of the office. As our team has grown, so have the bi-weekly festivities. Past themes include race car driving, bowling, cajun festival, video game night, poker competitions and cocktail parties. This last week we decided to host an extreme office makeover competition.

We have a bunch of conference rooms that were, frankly, boring. They consisted of your standard table, chairs, big screen TVs, and whiteboards. Functional? Sure. Inspiring? Not a chance. So we decided to give them a facelift, Highfive-style. We divided up into four teams, each with a $1,200 budget and a dedicated section of office real estate. We turned on the music, brought in the food, and a few hours later had some creative masterpieces.

I invite you to stop by @HighfiveHQ and check it out. Check out our Facebook page to see more pics.

By Melissa O'Brien