Celebrate National High Five Day & Take on the #High5Challenge!


It’s our favorite day of the year, National High Five Day! National High Five Day is the third Thursday of April, and it has been celebrated by everyone from The Today Show to Jimmy Kimmel, SportsCenter, Barack Obama, and more. To celebrate this year, the folks behind National High Five Day are launching the #High5Challenge. The #High5Challenege is a 2-week long fundraising and awareness campaign that encourages people to take a video showing off their most creative high fives, post it on social media, and challenge five of their friends to do the same all in the name a good cause, CoachArt.

CoachArt is a non-profit organization that provides art and athletics to children affected by chronic illness. Students request the type of activities in which they want to participate, and CoachArt matches them with a volunteer coach. They have helped over 10,000 children in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Not only do these children learn hobbies they’re passionate about, they also get to be a part of a community that understands and supports them.

After hearing about the #High5Challenge, how could we not get involved? It’s a fun campaign for a good cause that involves high fives! We’re very proud to announce that we’re going to donate $5 to CoachArt for each of the first 1,000 videos posted using the #High5Challenge! Even if you’re unable to donate yourself, you can make an impact by just posting your own video.

We hope you rise to the #High5Challenge and to share a video of your best high five while challenging your friends to do the same. You can share the video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (heck, why not all 3!).

We’ll be retweeting the coolest ones throughout the day, so make sure you follow us on Twitter at @HighfiveHQ.

By Kacie Young