The Biggest Release in Highfive’s History

WebRTC, Dial-out and 50 callers per meeting let you simplify your rooms and use Highfive for even more

We’re excited to announce some of the biggest changes we’ve ever made to Highfive. Based on customer questions and feedback, we’ve been hard at work updating Highfive to WebRTC to deliver industry-leading video performance and improved call reliability. As a result, we’re also able to offer 50 callers per meeting on our Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus plans. And, perhaps the most exciting one: you can now replace your conference phones with Highfive’s all-in-one solution. Through our Professional Plus plan, Highfive enables dialing out to domestic and international phone numbers. Read on to learn more about these new updates.

1. WebRTC: industry-leading video conferencing performance

WebRTC is the new standard for video conferencing applications, and Highfive is the first hardware + software solution to integrate it. We get that not everyone loves video calls, and often that’s because the quality of the audio and video leaves a lot to be desired. But WebRTC is making a difference. Its protocols allow video to be passed more efficiently over networks, resulting in better audio and video quality.

With the update to WebRTC, Highfive calls benefit from the efforts of thousands of developers to make video and audio transmission as efficient as possible. This means fewer dropped calls, better handling of diverse network conditions, and optimized CPU usage on laptops and mobile devices. We’re also paving the way for a browser-based experience (no more required app downloads!) that will make it even easier for anyone to join a Highfive call, including your customers and partners.

2. 50 callers per meeting

Our customers have long loved Highfive as a great solution for their everyday meetings, daily standups, and always-on video portals. But we believe every meeting should be a video meeting, including your larger ones, so we’ve been working on increasing the maximum number of callers per meeting. We’re happy to announce that our Standard, Professional, and the new Professional Plus plans all allow up to 50 callers per meeting. Now, you can use Highfive for even more, including those larger group meetings and team trainings.

3. Dial out to domestic & international numbers

It’s amazing how many devices you might find in the modern conference room. Conference phones, video conferencing equipment, screen projection tools, dongles and cables…it quickly becomes a mess for IT and end-users. We want your conference rooms to be as streamlined as possible – that’s why we created ultra-simple video conferencing hardware, and why we’re especially excited to announce the ability to use Highfive to dial-out to domestic & international phone numbers. Now you can ditch your old conference phones and simplify to an all-in-one solution. Oh yeah, and it comes with unlimited call minutes for both domestic and international calls.

How does it work?

When you upgrade to our Professional Plus plans, you’ll be able to dial out from the Dolby Conference Phone. This functionality works great if you’re joining a meeting with a particular customer or partner where you need to use their conference line, or if just want to make a quick call to order take out from the conference room. All you have to do is use the touch-screen display to dial a number, and you’re there. Got a video call already running, and want to dial a phone caller to bring them in? Yep, you can do that too. Lastly, when you’re ready to end the meeting, just hit the “Leave Meeting” button on the touch-screen display and you’ll end the call for the folks in the room.

How do I get dial-out?

Sound great? Chat with our sales team for more details and to upgrade your plan today. And stay tuned here for more updates as we build more exciting new features into Highfive in the coming months.

By Julie Arsenault