Announcing the Highfive Customer Community!

We know that implementing an IT solution is a big job (even one as simple as Highfive). From setting up hardware, to training your users, and spreading awareness, it’s a lot to take on. What if you could avoid time traps and create a smoother onboarding experience for your end-users by leveraging the experiences of others?

At Highfive we are always working hard to bring you fun new ways to collaborate; and we believe the best way to learn is from others who have already done it.

Enter: Highfive Community. A Slack Community created specifically for Highfive users to share adoption resources, ideas, tips, and success stories, as well as join our real-time virtual events. Members of the Highfive product team are also active in Highfive Community, so you know your voice is always heard.

In the Highfive Community you can:

– Learn how companies are driving Highfive adoption within their org
– Share implementation success stories
– Participate in office hours
– Receive invitations to Highfive events
– Share your feedback directly with our Product Team

The Highfive Community will serve as your new go-to hub for all things Highfive. To join the group, click the following link, enter your information, and you will receive your personalized invitation shortly. See you there!

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By Sara Anderson