Agent of Disruption: Watch Highfive’s Secret Agent Use Our Great Tech to Stop Bad Guys

We know spies have the coolest tech. It’s usually classified as “top secret”, but we’ve been privy to how one of the most elite counter intelligence professionals communicates with HQ when she needs help.

Meet Agent June, an officer in the H5 Disruption Force. She’s on a mission to stop the spread of bad guys and bad tech, and you can watch her in the new video miniseries, Agent of Disruption.

Agent June relies on simple, high-quality comms to ensure mission success. Her tech of choice: Highfive Premium. It’s easy to set up, simple to use, and works across all her devices, even when she’s being chased, shot at, or otherwise fighting the bad guys.

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Agent June is featured in a new, three-part video series from Highfive. Watch how Highfive Premium helps her stay in touch with HQ, no matter the conditions or her location. Agent June keeps her cool under pressure, but it’s always easy to setup Highfive. All it takes is plugging in three cables and powering it on. In no time at all she’s in a video conference with her team, just like they’re all in the same room. Except that only Agent June is dodging bullets.

In Episode 1, Agent June quickly sets up her Highfive Premium and joins a video conference with Agent H, a Senior Intelligence Analyst in H5’s Collaborative Intelligence Division. But when an uninvited participant joins the conference, it’s up to Agent June to get things back online.