5 Funny Computer Pranks

The IT team rarely gets the recognition they deserve. They are the unsung heroes of office productivity. But sometimes they’re unfairly criticized. Here are 5 funny computer pranks you can pull on April 1st or any day to get back at overly critical co-workers.

1. Fake a desktop with a screenshot wallpaper

Pull your co-workers’ leg by making it appear that his computer is unresponsive. Take a screenshot of their current desktop. Then set it as the desktop wallpaper. Hide the actual taskbar and disable desktop icons (right-click the desktop and choose “Arrange Icons By” and uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”). Then watch as they frantically try clicking their way out of the problem.

2. Corrupt a co-worker’s auto complete functions

In Microsoft Office head to the Office button –> Options –> Proofing –> AutoCorrect Options. Then replace auto-correct words with funny terms and completed sentences. For example when your co-worker types “Lowell” it could auto-complete to “Lowell is a jerk.”

3. Make the space key actually type the word “space”

Create a new AutoHotkey script and insert the following lines of code into Notepad on a Windows computer:

Then right-click on the script and compile it to an executable before putting it on their computer. Stick it somewhere on their PC, launch it, and watch the fun!

Shortly after this prank you should probably consider letting your victim know that you pulled a prank on them. As you might imagine, the space bar tends to be used often.

4. “Break” your victim’s LCD screen with a wallpaper

Set your co-worker’s background to a screensaver that makes the screen look cracked or broken like the image above. Fake backgrounds like this look surprisingly real from afar. But when your victim gets closer he’ll quickly realize what’s going on and hopefully share a laugh.

5. Swap two employees’ mouses

Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite when it comes to computer pranks. Unplug two co-workers’ mouses and then plug them into each other’s computer. When they both come back from lunch they’ll be controlling one another’s screens and wondering what’s going on.

Feel like every conversation with your co-workers starts like this meme? Prank your co-workers and remember who’s really in power at a company that depends so much on the IT infrastructure.

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