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We're Highfive

Our Mission

Highfive’s on a mission to transform every meeting room with modern, beautifully-designed technology that empowers people to get their best work done together.

Meeting Spaces Should
Be Awesome

But they actually suck. Bad, clunky tech frustrate us and slow us down. We want to make meeting rooms powerful places where ideas, people and actions join together for amazing results.

All Hail Face-to-face, the Mightiest Collaboration

Email is terrible for getting buy in. Messaging apps rock for quips and pics, but long chats create carpal tunnel. We believe every interaction should start with “It’s nice to see you.”

Simplicity Is Usually Hard,
But It’s worth It

Products that are easy to use are often the hardest to build. We’re solving big challenges in order to transform how people get work done.

Join the Highfive Revolution

We’re transforming the way companies work—beginning with our own. We’re looking for creative, inspired entrepreneurs to join us in our mission. Are you a company builder looking to make an impact? Let’s talk.

First Day Antics

When was the last time you got to wear a purple cowboy hat, a jester hat or clown wig to work when it wasn’t Halloween? On everyone’s first day, we help everyone know your name.

Free Gear

We provide a desk and a 30″ screen; you choose the rest. We give you a generous IT budget to buy whatever gear you want.

Flexible Schedules

At Highfive you set your schedule. Take vacation when you need it and work when and where you are most productive.

Sweet Perks

We’ve got all the perks of a startup (free food & gear, gym & commuter stipend) with all the benefits of a big company (100% coverage for employees for medical, dental, & vision).

Some Cool Investors and Entrepreneurs Think We’re Cool Too